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Multimedia Story


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"If I Cannot Convince the Gods, I Will Summon the Demons."

I incorporated some of the Halloween video footage into my multimedia project 

and hope that I achieved the balance I wanted without being too obvious or heavy -handed.

Watching the final project clarifies for me those impressions I could not quite articulate earlier;

Halloween is really a celebration of death, and a direct contradiction (and maybe a subconscious response)

to the fear and uncertainty many of us feel about death- feelings that our society reinforces

by our obsession with youth and with our too often dismissal of the elderly.

   I just realized that I could have played more with a mask motif, with the idea that,

as we age, we don the mask of an old person that hides the ageless nature of our soul/spirit.

  Plus, I could have further explored the idea of immortality through memory and tied that

to Halloween staples such as ghosts and zombies. 

Being too conscious of these themes, however, may have led to the heavy-handedness I feared. 

Anyhow, lots to think about for the future.

The audio was a challenge for me and I created several AIFF files,

manipulated the audio in Garage Band, and then imported the files back into iMovie.

This allowed me to connect disparate footage.

Overlaying sound effects also helped to resolve some technical issues and create otherworldly effects. 

Plus, by adding audio tracks to the majority of the project, the deliberate silences stand out.

  As always, “happy accidents” such as creating a dream effect in iMovie for the final section

 enhanced what I was hoping to achieve.

 Seeing the photo of my father’s face blotted out in white light while his body remained intact

was a shock that perfectly expressed so much of what I fear, and yet, 

is the physical reality of life and death we all must face.

Frank Gigliotti,
Dec 15, 2009, 5:00 PM