Mint Tattoo


Mint Tattoo - Mint Tattoo (1968)

The Mint Tattoo was born as an offshoot of the legendary 60's proto punk acid band Blue Cheer. Bruce Stevens and Ralph (Burns) Kellogg had played together in Blue Cheer on the band's self titled album in 1968, but after that one album, Stevens left the band to pursue other interests. Kellogg stayed on with Blue Cheer until the demise of the band in 1971, but during his tenure with Blue Cheer he reunited with Stevens along with drummer Gregg Thomas to form the band Mint Tattoo. Produced by James William Guercio (Chicago) and engineered by Phil Ramone in New York, the Mint Tattoo is a mixture of blues styled original songs, a cover of classic a blues numbers and some rather uninspired, typical for the era hard rock tunes. Not an overly exciting album, compared to the early Blue Cheer material, but none the less a period piece and better than most material that was being released in the early 70's. (All Music Guide)

Guitarist Bruce Stephens founded this short-lived, late 60s San Francisco, California, USA-based trio with Ralph Burns Kellogg (bass) and Greg Thomas (drums). Their only, blues-based, album showed promise, but the unit broke up prematurely when both Stephens and Kellogg joined heavy west coast rockers Blue Cheer. The former was later a member of Pilot (USA), prior to embarking on a solo career.

01-Sister Fleu (First Movement).
02-Leper's Epitaph (Second Movement).
03-Policeman's Ball (Third Movement).
04-Littal Lieu Lieu's Revenge (Fourth....
05-Faces Of Roses.
06-I'm Talking About You.
07-Scorpio Woman.
08-Mark Of The Beast.
10-With Love.