Technical Reports - Notes


1.      Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations (with. E. Fergadakis, Dr. Th. Katsaounis), University of Crete, 1998. (in Greek).


2.      Visualisation of 2D and 3D Discrete Element Models using OpenGL and MPI. The University of Edinburg, 2000.


3.      The Diameter of the Banach-Mazur Compactum, University of Crete, 2000. (B.Sc. thesis).


4.      Solitary Waves of the Bona-Smith systems: Existence, Uniqueness and Stability, University of Athens, 2003. (M.Sc. Thesis).


5.      Theory and numerical analysis of nonlinear and dispersive wave equations: Boussinesq systems in one and two space dimensions. University of Athens, 2007. (PhD Thesis).


6.   A numerical study of the stability of solitary waves of the Bona-Smith family of Boussinesq systems, J. Nonlinear Sci., 17(2007), 569607. (with V.  Dougalis, A. Duran, M. A. Lopez-Marcos). (Report #1 in in, Report #2 in pdf)

7. High order Discontinuous Galerkin methods and fast solution of the one dimensional scalar BBM-KdV equation near the zero dispersion limit. (with Jean-Baptiste Apoung Kamga) (PDF)


8. A simplified introduction to water waves. (PDF)