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Dimitrios Mitsotakis is a Mathematician, graduated from the University of Crete with the highest honors in the year 2000. He
received a master’s degree in Applied and Numerical Analysis in th
e year 2003 and a PhD in Mathematics in 2007 from the University of Athens. He is skilled in high performance computing at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center at The University of Edinburgh in the year 2000. Dimitrios visited thUniversité Paris-Sud (2008-2010) as a Marie Curie researcher, the IMA Postdoctoral Associate, at the University of Minnesota (2010-2012) as an associate postdoc and the University of California, Merced (2012-2014) as a visiting Assistant Professor. Dimitrios is currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research of Victoria University of Wellington.

Dimitrios is interested in the theory of water waves and in the numerical analysis of Partial Differential Equations. He is developing computer codes for the solution of models for water waves and he is studying physical applications. Some of his main contributions are in the theory of Boussinesq systems for nonlinear and dispersive water waves. He has also developed numerical models for the simulation of the dispersive runup and the generation and propagation of Tsunami waves. He is also studying interfacial water waves and waves in superfluids. Numerical methods of preference are Finite Element, Spectral, Finite Volume and Discontinuous Galerkin methods.

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