Word Completion Dictionary Editor

A  tool to edit PocketPC Word Completion feature dictionary


version 1.0 screenshot

PocketPC has internal mechanism intended to help user write text - word completeion feature. You enable or disable it and change some its options in System > Settings > Input. But there is no way to add your word to dictionary or change words, that system learned from you (yes, it does it sometimes).

All words, system learns from you are placed in custom dictionary. This program is intended to edit

Two dictionaries may exist: main and temporary, dyncompdict.dat and dyncompdict.tmp. I can't tell right now, why there are two of them and whats each of them is intended for.

Each word in dictionary has weight - characteristic that defines word position in popup list. By default, weight = 0 assigned to each word. Maximal value, that you can specify is 50.
Actually, you don't need to change this, system will increase it automatically upon word usage. But sometimes it is useful to customize look of popup list.

Using this utility, you can create, edit and delete one of two dictionaries. Dictionary will be alphabetically sorted, when saved. Words shorter than 4 letters, will be discarded - system will ignore such words anyway. Duplicate words also will be discarded. This done to keep dictionary smaller - there is some limitation on its size - about 7-8kb, larger dictionary will be truncated. Later I will implement size limitation and some optimizations for that.

Now you can use clipboard freely. You can do cut/copy/paste with text in textbox and words in listview. You can copy any list of words, separated by spaces or newlines (e.g. "oneword twoword threeword") and paste it directly into listview. If you want to add weight to some words, specify it separating by comma directly after word (e.g. "myword,3"). If you paste word, copied from listview somewhere outside this program, you may see its weight, appended at the end (if word had weight higher than 0) like "myword,3".

Known issues

Adding new word using <new word> item won't give focus to Word textbox. You will have to tap the texbox or press action button. This appears only when certain IM installed, not always. E.g. if you have MacCentre Pocket Russkey keyboard installed (one of fastest third party keyboards I've ever seen) - you will get this issue, if you use Resco Keyboard (much slower, than previous one on VGA devices) - you won't. Version: all

No checks for spaces in words. These will be saved, but, most likely, wont be used by system. Also these words will appear as several different words, if pasted into listview or as first word only, if pasted into textbox. Version: 1.3 pre2

version 1.2 screenshot


Current version is 1.3.2342.39581 - this is version 1.3 prerelease 2

You always can download latest version from here: DictionaryEditor.zip (19kb).

Version history

1.4 - help file, dictionary contents import/export, some UI improvements, word list sort speedup, new versioning - more human friendly (like 1.4.1).

1.3 - help file, dictionary contents import/export Since this version is already published in large number of software sites, I will switch second version digit, to avoid user confusion with stupid MS versioning.

31.05.2006: 1.3 - prerelease 2: added clipboard support

1.3 - prerelease: changed weight scale from 3-31 to 0-50, some UI speedup, complete spatial navigation - now you can use only D-pad (and action keys on WM5 devices), speedup on exit (save dictionary only when needed, not every time)

1.2 - release: some user interface improvements, added ability to sort words list in any way (it will be automatically resorted on save), reduced program size

version 1.2 prerelease screenshot

1.2 - prerelease: some usability improvements, added 'Clear' command, added autosave on exit

1.1 - current release: fixed loading algorithm, some usability improvements, added icons (which took up half of executable size)

1.0 - initial release, was available only for 2 days


There is none. And there won't be. This programs is completely free and it will remain freeware.

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