Geels Dmitriy

Contacts:E-mail/Jabberdmitriy.geels [at] gmail.com

Phone+7 (926) 280-7312

Education:1999 - 2006

Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Informatics and Control Systems faculty,
specialty "Software for Computers and Automation Systems"

Job experience:10.2006 - 09.2008

"EyeLinkMedia" (http://www.eyelinkmedia.com)
PHP developer

large social network support and develoment

11.2005 - 04.2006

"Quadrium" (http://www.quadrium.ru)

11.2005 - 03.2006: IBS "New Athena" deployment dept.
03.2006 - 04.2006.: IBS "BSS" thin client development dept.

11.2004 - 10.2005

"Grape" (http://www.grape.ru),
PHP developer

website development using UpSite technology (site management system based on PHP+Firebird)

06.2004 - 10.2004

"Datainlife" (http://www.datainlife.ru),
PHP developer

DSM site management system support and development (PHP+Smarty+MySQL);
existing websites support

11.2003 - 03.2004

"RosInspectorate" (http://www.insp.ru),
PHP developer

internal work flow system parts development (PHP+MySQL);
document to PDF export mechanism

08.2002 - 11.2003

"New Athena" (http://www.athena.ru),
QA/Software tester

General skills:PHP — 4/5, mod_php, FastCGI, CLI
Javascript — intermediate knowledge, DOM, AJAX, GreaseMonkey scripts, dojo framework
C# — intermediate knowledge, .NET 1-2, .NET CF 1/2, some ASP .NET practice
SQL — MySQL, Firebird, Oracle PL/SQL and MSSQL dialects
C — some not very complex tasks (e.g. gpsbabel port to PocketPC, some linux kernel hacks for Loox 720 PDA, linux USB PID driver)
C++ — basic knowledge, very little practice
bash/sh scripting — using as required
Python — learning now, didn't experience a real need yet

Additional skills: Some administration skills of: apache, nginx, lighttpd, php, mysql, firebird, memcached, cvs, svn
Bug hunting — hobby that may become a problem
Trying hard to be strict in code writing: formatting, readability
English — not fluent, but enough for im/email communication with other developers