David M. Hodges: Editing and Related Services

Currently, I offer editing and related services through the following freelancing site:


My posted rate includes fees the site charges on my side; I’ve not investigated whether the site charges additional fees on the client side. Depending on project specifics and my workload, the rate is negotiable.

Alternatively, particularly if you’re local to San Diego County, you may wish to hire me as an independent contractor independent of this site. If you’re an individual rather than a business, this would probably involve more hassle than the savings on Upwork fees would justify. If you’re a business accustomed to hiring independent contractors, however, or if you need an editor on staff, you should either contact me using this form or connect with me on


Also feel free to connect with me if you just want to network, though I admit my approach to “networking” is just to maintain accounts and respond if contacted; I seldom reach out. (Though I may have accounts on other networking and social media sites, such as Facebook, I’m not sure how many of these I will continue to maintain, and for how long.) Having never found LinkedIn useful for finding work (despite the hype), I long ago stopped trying to use the site for professional purposes only. (To be honest, the whole professional-personal distinction, like other cultural aberrations of the modern world, has never entirely worked for me. I’d rather be just one person all the time, not a host of personas tailored to different environments.) Since I find LinkedIn handy for keeping track of contacts (professional and otherwise), I don’t expect to close down my account any time soon. Still, connections should not be surprised if my updates there link to posts about religious, political, or other verboten-in-the-secular-workplace topics, such as those on my blog. At present, these updates are not frequent, and you’ll no doubt find my updates as easy to ignore as I find my connections’. (I admit it: I don't pay any attention to what people post on LinkedIn or to the various update messages LinkedIn sends out. I approach all social media the same way. If you wish to interact with me through social media, send me a direct message.) All that said, if you’d like to keep track of my current contact information, and to let me keep track of yours—and particularly if you’d like to hire me—feel free to connect with me. I’ve never yet turned down a connection request.

Since I’ve provided links to sites I do not use solely for professional purposes (in part because there are no sites I use solely for professional purposes), you might acquire knowledge of my personal viewpoint and convictions. Before you decide not to hire me based on one or another of my idiosyncrasies, do note that I’m happy to edit materials that I do not agree with (so long as pretending to agree with them is not required). It may even be that I find such editing more interesting than editing materials with which I do agree. (I am not able to edit materials that are vulgar or profane, or that promote immorality, however.) I’ve so far specialized in editing and rewriting academic materials (such as journal articles) written or translated by non-native writers of American English (varying in subject matter and sometimes technical). (I’ve also edited some medical forms, technical marketing documents, and membership guidelines written or translated by non-native writers. As well, I’ve edited some documents requiring British rather than American spelling and punctuation.) My education and experience are quite broad, so I can effectively edit a broader range of materials than these.

So, if you’ve come here because you’re considering employing me as an editor, or enlisting my assistance in some related task (a coauthor for your magnum opus, someone to help with research, whatever), I look forward to hearing from you. If your project requires a freelancer whose convictions and personality are close to your own, or at least similar in some key ways, the blog I mentioned could prove useful. The blog would also let you see how I write when I’m writing for myself, though I do not impose my own style on the materials I edit.