• We have two invited talks. Check the program for details
    • Dr Joydeep Ghosh (University of Texas at Austin) - "Predictive Modeling of Large Healthcare Data under Privacy Constraints"
    • Dr Robert Kaplan (National Institutes of Health) -"When Bigger is not Better: Some Challenges in the Analysis of Big Data"
  • We have a finalized a panel discussion by leading experts. Please join us for the excited discussion. Check the program for details.
    Panel Discussion: Predictive Modeling in Healthcare: Challenges, Realities, and Opportunities
    Moderator: Dr Jaideep Srivastava (University of Minnesota)
    Panel Members:
    • Dr Joydeep Ghosh (University of Texas at Austin)
    • Dr Vipin Gopal (Humana)
    • Dr Vasant Honavar (NSF, Iowa State University)
    • Dr Robert Kaplan (National Institutes of Health)
    • Dr Longjian Liu (Drexel University)

About the Workshop 

The potential of data mining on leading to advanced healthcare management has been well recognized in industry as well as academia. Discovering patterns and trends from large amounts of complex data generated by healthcare transactions to aid diagnosis, decisions and care delivery has been of great interest. Data mining enhances several aspects of healthcare management including disease diagnosis, clinical decision-making, medical fraud prevention and detection, fault detection of medical devices, healthcare quality improvement strategies and privacy. Data mining also helps to discover interesting business insights to help make business decisions that can influence cost efficiency without affecting the quality of care. Natural language processing techniques greatly enable achieving meaningful use of electronic health records, and integrating and formalizing several critical health resources and clinical guidelines available on the Web. An increasing variety of important data mining applications to healthcare strongly suggest the need for a workshop that provides a common platform to discuss longstanding problems,  discover new problems, and brainstorm potential solutions associated with large complex healthcare datasets. The Data Mining for Healthcare (DMH) workshop will provide a critical and essential forum for integrating various research challenges in this domain, and promote collaboration among researchers from academia and industry to enhance the state-of-art, and help design a vision for future research. This workshop will facilitate collaboration among multiple core disciplines including computer science, medicine, public health, pharmacology, statistics, and social sciences.

Program Committee

Yuan An, Drexel University
Si-Chi Chin, University of Washington
Ritu Chauhan, Amity Univertsity
Rezarta Islamaj Dogan, National Institutes of Health
Joydeep Ghosh, University of Texas, Austin
Vasant Honavar, Iowa State University
Xiaohua Tony Hu, Drexel University 
Tae Hyun Hwang, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Harleen Kaur, United Nations University, Malaysia
Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota
Robert Leaman, National Institutes of Health
Jiao Li, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Zhiyong Lu, National Institutes of Health
Yuqing Mao, National Institutes of Health
Aurelie Neveol, French National Centre for Scientific Research
Donald Pellegrino, Dow Chemical
Saurav Sahay, Intel Labs
Gyorgy Simon, University of Minnesota
Jaideep Srivastava, University of Minnesota
Ankur Teredesai, University of Washington
Tamara Winden, Allina Health
Xiaodan Zhang, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Organizing Chairs

Prasanna Desikan
Sr. Research Scientist
Division of Applied Research
Allina Health
Ritu Khare
Research Fellow
National Center for Biotechnology Information
National Institutes of Health
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