Independent Classic Mini Specialist


Downton Motor Engineering is widely regarded as the leading firm for bespoke projects and custom work for Minis. With award winning cars including our own customer displayed bespoke models, you can see why we are so highly regarded.

Customers receive a high quality service tailored exactly to their individual requirements. As well as our specialist bespoke work, DME can cater to all aspects of your mini, be it a full rebuild, modifications to the original car or just routine maintenance.

Standard and non standard services include interiors, body work, electrics, servicing and MOT. Also, diagnostics, mechanical, modifications, Rover alarms and Key fob Programming.

From parts installation, servicing, engine and gearbox rebuilds to your specification, diagnostic fault finding, as well as solutions to wiring/electrical problems, our skilled specialists can handle it all.

You'll find our custom builds and restoration work is second to none. We use nothing but the highest quality components,  including the use of brand new body shells when building your vehicle from scratch.

We are certain we can help you and your classic mini. If you want an estimare or need further details, send us a message here and we'll be in touch with you shortly.