The Dharma Meditation Community at Rutgers (DMCR) provides the opportunity to learn about Buddha Dharma and practice meditation, which basically follows the teaching of Chan (禪) Buddhism. This is a culturally diverse group that welcomes people who is interested in meditation. We deeply value the role of friendship and community in supporting a thoughtful path of wisdom and compassion.

The basic concept of meditation is about relaxation and concentration. Different styles of meditation technique include sitting, walking, and eating, which DMCR teaches you how to incorporate into your daily life. Through meditation, we can practice mindfulness and learn to be conscious of our internal thoughts and external surroundings. All these skills train our mind to be more mindful and aware. We hold meditation workshops, Dharma discussion/sharing, and study group monthly, along with special events like one-day retreat throughout the semester. We also cooperate with Rutgers Graduate Student Association (GSA) in weekly meditation practice. Please see our event calendar for details.