Protocol review

All research projects done within Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC; formerly Davao Medical Center or DMC) go through an approval process conducted jointly by the Hospital Research Committee (HRC) and the Hospital Ethics Committee (HEC). Please browse through the "General Guidelines for conducting research in Davao Medical Center," downloadable from the following URL:

For SPMC residents: Provisions in "Section A - Research by DMC resident physicians" will apply in your case. You are also required to write your protocol following the prescribed research format (see link below).
For student researchers: Provisions in "Section B - Research by students" will apply in your case. Please note that, among other things, we need to receive your detailed research protocol to start the review process. This is equivalent to your thesis proposal in academe parlance. It would be best if you submit a thesis proposal that has already been approved by your thesis panel, along with the duly accomplished panel approval form from your university.
For external agencies: Provisions in "Section C - Research by external agencies (Drug companies, NGOs, INGOs)" will apply in your case.
For residents outside of SPMC: Provisions in "Section D - Research by residents from other hospitals" will apply in your case.
The HRC has a prescribed research format, downloadable from the following URL:

While we do not require students, external agencies or residents outside of SPMC to follow the format, we encourage you to go through it so that you will be guided as to what we want to look for during the research review. When you are ready to submit the requirements for the research review, please accomplish the Review Application Form, downloadable from the following URL:

Please submit all requirements, along with the Review Application Form, to the HRC Office located at the Family and Community Medicine Complex, Outpatient Department Building (JICA), Southern Philippines Medical Center, Bajada, Davao City. Please take note that we will not process incomplete submissions.

After submitting the complete set of requirements to the HRC, we will be responsible for coordinating with the HEC to plan for the Research Review Conference. We will let you know by email once the date, time and place of the conference are finalized. Most of the time, we would want the principal investigator (or a representative) of the study to be physically present during the Research Review Conference to briefly (10 minutes maximum) present the research background and plans and to answer questions asked by the reviewers. Upon favorable endorsement by the reviewers, the HRC will initiate the issuance of a Certificate of Approval, which will entitle you to conduct your proposed research in SPMC.
If you want to know further about doing research in our institution, please find time to read the other materials in this website. If you believe that we can be of further help as you go through the research process, we will be happy to give you the assistance that you need. You may also click this link if you want to leave us a message.