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Welcome to Des Moines Badminton Group
Badminton Group of Des Moines is the exclusive badminton facility in Des Moines Metro area. Our goal is to promote badminton as a sport for all, and to encourage the best players to progress through the structure at club, State and International level. Badminton Club of Des Moines provides experienced friendly Badminton coaching for beginners, intermediate and advanced players at social and competitive level.

The Badminton Group of Des Moines one of the new badminton clubs in the area with about 15 - 20 active members. The group is playing at the GYM at
7Flags Fitness Center, Clive. Please check our Photos for more highlights. A Google map of 7 Flags Fitness Center attached below.

The Badminton Group of Des Moines plays five days in a week. The facilities are excellent and now we have Three Double courts available right now and are enough for 10-15 members. The courts are temporarily marked with little small (1mm) white tape on the floor and it is remain most long period of time, the ceiling is high, and the lighting is good, air conditioning and temperature maintained.  The courts are also well maintained.

Competition is good for all levels of play – from the beginner to the advanced to the tournament player.  The club encourages new members to join – including beginners, who have access to a court that the club sets aside for them on every schedule day.  Guest fees are available; please contact one of member before to get there.

All this combines to make truly Des Moines badminton!


1.  Proper attire, including non-marking shoes.

2.  No profanity

3.  For your own safety, do not walk onto court boundaries when matches are in play.

4.  For players who bring children (under 16) to the gym:  For their own safety, they must be supervised at all times and they must signup at front desk. Children are allowed on court ONLY if no adults are waiting to play.



Please join the club for Monday, Wednesday, Friday. To get Des Moines Badminton Group rate, please contact one of our member, which is a special rate and lower than some other rates. Please call or email one of our current member or , how to get 7 Flags Membership contact Boundi Lovahn at 515-278-8888 or email Boundi at boundi@7flags.com.

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Any amount of contribution for the group will help to maintain and support our logistics.
Sanjay - 319 400 2245 (sanjay_ghimire@yahoo.com)