PhD Student


Welcome to my homepage!  I am a currently a PhD candidate working with Emily Minor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I completed a Masters in Entomology with Russ Groves at the University of Wisconsin and a Bachelors in Biology at Macaulay Honors College at the City University of New York-Lehman College. 

My research interests include insect ecology, pollinators, and predator-prey interactions. I have studied pollination services across Chicago neighborhoods and how characteristics of the urban landscape impact bees and their subsequent visits to native wildflowers and managed crops. I've recently completed a study on biological control of cabbage worms and natural enemies in urban agriculture. I intend to defend my dissertation in May 2016.

For a copy of my CV (updated 9/14), please click the CV link at the bottom of the page.

Email: dmaxlow AT    
Phone: 312-355-0823
Twitter - @DLoEnto