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Sports Psych and the Principles of Coaching

FINAL STUDY GUIDE in "Forms and Docs" tab

Sections of How Champions Think: For Final Exam
Quality of Life (p.2)
Motor Skills (pg.6)
Visualization: Lebron James (p.7)
Exceptionalism (p.10)
Optimism (p.15)
 Self-Esteem (p.17)
4 Minute Mile (p.19)
John Calipari (p.23)
Visualization (p.26)
Self-Doubt (p.29-30)
William James (pg.31)
Tiger Woods (pg.33)
Competitive Asset (pg.37)
Confidence (pg.40)
Math and Science and Sports (pg.48)
Visualization: UVA (pg.52)
Larry (p.59)
Confusing Velocity with Talent (p.62)
Physical Talent and Character (p.65)
Comparisons (p.69)
The Four Qualities (p.69-70)
Settling for Mediocrity (p.72)
Commitment (p.77)
Anthony Davis (p.82)
Advice for a Lumberjack (p.84)
Love and Employment (p.85)
Habits (p.91 and 93)
Build a better habit (p.97)
Dreams (p 104-105) Cal example
Process Goals (p.106)
Advice on the green (p.108)
Advice from a colleague (p.110-111)
Mediocrity and Failure (p.112-113)
Thomas Jefferson’s mistake (p.115)
Balance (p.117)
The Right Sort of Spouse (p.119-20)
Tom Brady (p.122)
Cultural Distortion (p.123-24)

Coach Interview Guidelines (Due 4/29)

Level: High School Level or higher

Experience: 3+ Years

Solid Contact Information

Important Points: (15+ questions total)

a.     Personal Philosophy

b.     Personal Background

c.     Practice Philosophy

d.     Skills (How to teach)

e.     Expectations (Team)

f.      What is success?

g.     3 other topics of choice

Things you need to know

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