Project Update!!

The Impact Events Project will become an optional summative assignment.  You will need to send me a video of yourself presenting the project to receive credit. If you cannot make a me directly at my email:

If you do not submit the project video, your Civics grade will be complete with the Unit 3 test grade. 

Some options for recording:
    1. Record yourself using as phone in front of a computer
    2. Mirror the presentation on your TV and video yourself
    3. Use Youtube and send me the link
    4. Use a screen recording program like bandicam (PC) or Quicktime (MAC)
    5. Other creative options welcome!!

New Due Date: Friday, March 20th by 11:59pm

If you have any questions please contact me immediately by email. 

Mr. Walker 



As a school, we are transitioning all students from the Remind App to the Band App for notifications.  Please click on the link for your respective class and block!  Sign up and download the app using the link. I will no longer be using the remind app after this transition.

Block 1: CP Civics and Geography

Block 2: Honors Civics and Geography

Block 5: CP Civics and Geography

We'll be in contact soon regarding the project and our assignments during the quarantine!

Take care,

Mr. Walker 

2020 Civics COVID Quarantine Plan

Beloved Students,

While I know you would risk sickness to attend my class on Monday...sadly...the virus (who must not be named) has caused the temporary cancellation of our school.  I will be releasing online lessons on THIS SITE when directed by DMA.  In the meantime, the project deadline will be extended and you will be submitting the project by video (most likely by the end of this week).  Again, do not send me your project by email tomorrow.  I will contact you when more information is available. 

Some of your classes may be cancelling their remaining Marking Period 3 assignments and starting anew with MP4 but many students are relying on the Impact Events Project to flex their presentation and personality skills.  I believe that other academic skills should be represented in the grade book...not just testing skills. 

I will update this page when I know more information!

Take care,

Mr. Walker

Welcome to the 2019-20 DMA Spring Semester!  
Everything you need to be successful in Civics/Geography and Sports Psychology

Civics and Geography Presentations

NPR: China Podcasts: 

Unit 5 Prezi

Unit 6 Prezi
Presentation #1: Watergate
Presentation #2: Stagflation

Bonus MAP Quizzes: 25 Questions total with a wordbank for each...**perfect scores only**...Add 5 points on to ANY assignment. 

Sports Psych and the Principles of Coaching

Coaching Interview Due 1/6

Final Projects due Tuesday 1/14.

Things you need to know

  • Prezi Site Link (Online Presentation Program)
    Find all of the Prezi Presentations that we use in class at this web address:

    Note: I use Prezi to display notes and activities in class on a daily basis. 

    Prezi can be printed out in text form directly from the website.  Enjoy!

    Posted Sep 3, 2019, 4:57 AM by Kevin Walker
  • 2018-19 Class Calendar
    Check out the class calendars below for information about upcoming quizzes and tests.

    The Class calendars have been updated through the end of October (Midterm Exams)

    Update: Calendars are scheduled out through the end of the semester with major tests, quizzes, and assignments 
    Posted Aug 30, 2018, 8:08 AM by Kevin Walker
  • Important Announcements

    Posted Jan 21, 2019, 3:17 PM by Kevin Walker
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