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Author of over 200 publications, more than half in English, and in several other languages, on three main topics:

1) the reform of centrally planned economies and their post-socialist transition to market economies;

2) corporate governance and employee participation in enterprise decisions and results;

3) economic integration processes in Europe and in the global economy.

Several publications below can be freely downloaded directly from this site. Others are being added. Some may be downloaded (sometimes at a charge-per-view outside the author's control) or at least tracked down through Google Scholar


Blog "Transition" - April-December 2009 - Collected Posts


(with John Eatwell, Michael Ellman, Mats Karlsson, Judith Shapiro), Soft Budgets, Hard Choices: the future of the welfare state in central eastern Europe, IPPR, London 2000. ISBN 1 86030 106 1. Bulgarian (2001) and Estonian (2002) translations.

(With Felix FitzRoy, Derek Jones, Mark Klinedinst, G. Lajtai, Niels Mygind, Charles Rock, Milica Uvalic, Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead), Employee Ownership in Privatisation: Lessons from Central and Eastern Europe, Experts’ Policy Report, ILO-CEET, Budapest 1998. Russian Edition, Budapest 1999.

(with John Eatwell, Michael Ellman, Mats Karlsson, Judith Shapiro), Not 'Just Another Accession' - Political economy of EU Enlargement to the East, IPPR, London 1997.
Bulgarian Edition, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Sofia 1998. Czech and Polish editions, 1999.

(with John Eatwell, Michael Ellman, Mats Karlsson, Judith Shapiro),
Transformation and Integration: Shaping the future of central eastern Europe, IPPR, London 1995; Slovenian Edition, Iz Tranzicije v Evropsko Povezovanje, Ljubljana 1996.

Main author of a World Bank Report on Poland (1988).

An edition of V.K. Dmitriev's Ekonomicheskie Ocherki, under the title "Economic Essays on Value, Competition and Utility" with notes and an Introductory Essay, Cambridge University Press, 1974. Re-published in Russian in this edition, with the original text, Moscow 2001.

(with Alec Nove), Penguin Readings on Socialist Economics, 1972, 1974, 1977.

Articles, Working Papers and Book Chapters

“The Rise, Fall and Future of Socialism”, Social Europe, 25 and 26 September 2018,, and   

"The Rise and Fall of Socialism", DOC-RI [Dialogue Of Civilisations - Research Institute] Conference on “Inequality: Economic Models and Russian October 1917 Revolution in Historical Perspective”, Berlin 23-24 October 2017. In Italian, "Ascesa e Caduta del Socialismo", May 2018.

"Sul Ristagno Secolare" (On Secular Stagnation, in Italian), contribution to Felice Roberto Pizzuti (Ed.), Il Rapporto Sullo Stato Sociale 2017, Sapienza Universita' Editrice, Rome 2017.

"Seismic Faults in the European Union" 

"Kornai: Shortage Versus Surplus Economies", Paper presented at the Conference on “Institutions that change the World”, WINIR (World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research), Greenwich, London, 11-14 September 2014. 

"An Overview of the Transition", Founding Conference, Centre for Research of Economic and Socio-cultural Development of CIS Countries, Central and Eastern Europe’, St Petersburg, 26-27 June 2014.

 "Euroarea: Premature, Diminished, Divergent", Paper presented at a Conference on "Economic and Political crises in Europe and the United States" . 7-9 November 2013, University of Trento.

"Austerity versus Development", Paper presented at the "International Conference on Management and Economic Policy for Development", Kozminski University, Warsaw, 10-11 October 2013.

"Did we go about transition in the right way?", in Paul Hare and Gerard Turley (Eds), Handbook of the Economics and Political Economy of Transition, Routledge, London and New York, 2013, Ch. 3, pp. 48-58.
"Scenari possibili dopo la crisi globale". Democrazia e Diritto, n. 3-4 2012, XLIX, pp. 98-127.


“IndustrialRelations at FIAT: Dr. Marchionne’s Class War.” Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research, 2011, 17(2): 251–54.

"Exit Strategies", Est-Ovest, n. 3, 2009.

"Types of capitalism and socialism", teaching materials, Sapienza University of Rome 

"Akerlof & Shiller, Animal Spirits: A misnomer for their sound economics", (2009), Short Notes n. 1, Department of Public Economics, University of Rome "La Sapienza".
The Former Soviet Union After Dis-Integration and Transition”, International Conference “Twenty Years after the Fall – A Reconsideration of the End of Communism”, Gramsci Foundation Institute, Rome 9-10 October 2009. Also in: Joanna Dzwonczyk and Jerzy Kornas (Eds), "Transformacja polska - ochekiwania i rzeczywistosc" [Polish Transformation - Expectations and Reality], Un. of Economics Publishing House, Krakow, 2010, ISBN 978-83-7252-484-3, pp. 149-178. 
"The Impact of the Global Crisis on Transition Economies", International Conference on "Reflections on Transition: Twenty Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall", UNU-WIDER, Helsinki, 18-19 September 2009; .A much shorter version is in Economic Annals, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, Volume LIV, No. 181, April – June 2009, pp. 7-20, and in Italian, in "Il ritorno dell'economia politica. Saggi in ricordo di Fernando Vianello" a cura di Giovanni Bonifati e Annamaria Simonazzi, Donzelli, Roma 2010.

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"Venti anni dopo: ragioni, processi, risultati della transizione post-socialista", Rapporto CESPI-Gramsci sull'Integrazione Europea, 2009.

"Alternative Targets, Paths and Speed in Post-Socialist Transition", EACES-European Association for Comparative Economic Systems, 10th Bi-Annual Conference, on "Patterns of Transition and New Agenda for Comparative Economics", Higher School of Economics, Moscow, 28-30 August 2008 [PPT Presentation]

"Post-socialist Transition and the Resources of Economic Thought". Keynote Address, ESHET-European Society for the History of Economic Thought, Prague, 15-15 May 2008 [PPT Presentation].

Managing Transition Economies”, in Stephen White, Judy Batt and Paul Lewis (Eds.), Developments in Central and East European Politics, No. 4, Palgrave-Duke UP, 2007.

"Belarus: Market Socialism Prototype?", in David Lane (Ed.), The Transformation of State Socialism: System Change, Capitalism, or Something Else?, Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2007

(with Marilena Giannetti) “The European Social Model and its Dilution as a Result of EU Enlargement”, TIGER Working Papers Series No. 105, Warsaw, July 
2007, a revised and enlarged version is "The European Social Model: Is There a Third Way?", PECOB's Paper Series, n. 7, 11 January 2011. 

"Exchange rate policy and economic performance in the transition", Scientific Conference in Honor of Padma Desai, “Russia: Soviet Past; Present Performance and Future Prospects”, Columbia University, New York, 26-27 April 2007.

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A Comment on Leszek Balcerowicz, “Post-communist Transition in a Comparative Perspective”, PPT Presentation, World Bank, Washington DC, 18-11-2003 [unedited official transcript of the event].

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