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DMA (Portland Oregon) | reviews | jobs | careers | training | company philosophy...and more. Company Function: DMA Portland reviews effectiveness of marketing channels of a national vendor in the local Portland, OR metropolitan area. DMA Portland then launches a pilot campaign to gain raw data and statistics of potential effectiveness of the company's services with that vendor. After the client approves services, DMA launches a sales and marketing campaign to elicit additional market-penetration and higher customer retention. 

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DMA Portland is located at 9780 SW Shady Lane Suite 200 Tigard OR 97223 and can be reached by phone at 503-372-5187. The company also goes by "DMA Tigard." The company was established over 3 years ago with only a handful of employees, and since then, has grown to over 20 employees, including entry level personnel, trainers, assistant manager, human resources department employees, and executive management.

DMA Portland Reviews The Need For Outsourcing

While many companies struggle to get found in the marketplace due to the high costs of advertising and marketing, some companies are turning to the practice of outsourcing. Outsourcing sales and marketing has been going on for over 15 years in the United States and is expected to grow very drastically in the next few years. 

Outsourcing in Portland, Oregon is no different than any other part of the U.S. If a company wishes to increase their market penetration in one state, they will want to increase it in another as well. DMA Portland only services the state of Oregon at the moment, but has upcoming expansion opportunities in several different major metropolitan areas. Through training and development of the company's staff, DMA is able to expand and handle additional clients and their workload. Therefore, DMA Portland is aggressively hiring at this time.

DMA Portland Job Review

Employees at DMA enjoy personal development and coaching from executive management while striving to enhance their own team culture through networking events and regularly planned philanthropic opportunities. The employees of DMA Portland review several charitable organization's needs throughout the course of the year and take time away from their busy work-week in order to give back to the community through the company's work with those charities. 

For more information on their work, please visit DMA Portland here you can see details on previous events with women's shelters and Operation Smile.
The basic DMA Portland job is to represent Fortune 500 companies' services, brands, and products directly to the end user. By establishing a face-to-face rapport, DMA Portland employees are able to enhance a company's sales, image, and brand loyalty. Although the company will never publicly disclose who the current clients are, DMA has gained national attention and the interest of additional parties. Only by training the staff to fully comprehend and replicate processes and procedures of their current client, can the company expand and take on additional companies for representation. Check out the DMA Portland Oregon page.

All DMA Portland careers begin at the entry level where a person is trained in sales, customer service, follow-up, data-entry, team cooperation and individual accountability, and customer retention. After the entry level training, an employee can progress their way into a managing partnership position with DMA and gain the opportunity to facilitate and oversee a new client's sales and marketing campaign. The DMA Portland interview process includes three-steps: a preliminary meet-and-greet interview; a second and more in-depth interview; a third and final round (shorter) interview. After a candidate has successfully completed all interviews, management at DMA Portland reviews who they are most excited about and only hires those people. 
Competition for the entry level job is stiff, so if one wishes to get their foot in the door to a lucrative industry, one must prepare to ace the interview process. 

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