We created this website to help you choose your courses each semester and to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your academic experience at Kendall.

Every semester, consult with a Digital Media Faculty member prior to registering for classes
You have 10 elective courses and it is important to make informed decisions when choosing them.

Take courses in the order they are listed in the program plan sequence
This is the best way to stay on track and meet your graduation and career goals. 

 How To Use This Site 

Program Plan Sequence
Avoid prerequisites issues by following this sequence

Program Electives By Focus
Here, you will find the recommended program electives for our areas of focus:

Studio Electives
Making the most of your open studio electives as you work toward your career objectives.

Course Descriptions
A link list to a full description for every course.

 Digital Media Full Time Faculty  

Feel free to contact any of these faculty with any question on any topic. If they do not know the answer, they will point you in the right direction.

Susan Bonner
Courses: Visual Development and Digital Imaging
Office location: room 705 

Mike Dollar
Courses: Sound Design and Thesis
Office location: Recording lab 

Bill Fischer
Courses: Interaction Design
2D Animation, Thesis, Portfolio
Office location: room 705 

Kasey McCargar, Program Chair
Courses: Video and Motion Design
Office location: 

Brad Yarhouse
Courses: 2D Animation, Imaging, Storyboarding and Thesis
office location: room 705