We created this website to help you choose your courses each semester and to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your academic experience at Kendall.

Every semester, consult with a Digital Media Faculty member prior to registering for classes
You have 10 elective courses and it is important to make informed decisions when choosing them.

Take courses in the order they are listed in the program plan sequence
This is the best way to stay on track and meet your graduation and career goals. 

My Degree
Available through the myFSU login on the Ferris site, Kronos will give you an updated status of how you are progressing towards your degree.

 How To Use This Site 

Program Plan
The complete list of courses organized by sequence. Find out which class to take when. This is important. Taking classes out of sequence can negatively effect the quality of your graduating portfolio.

Program Electives
Here, you will find the recommended program electives for our areas of focus:
Digital Imaging
2D Animation
3D Game Art
Video & Motion Graphics
Interactive Design

Studio Electives
Our recommendations for making the most of your open studio electives as you work toward your career objectives.

Course Descriptions
A link list to a full description for every course offered through the Digital Media Program. Links to theses course descriptions can also be found in the other sections, where the course names are listed.

 Advising Process 

Materials Needed:
  • Latest copy of the student's program plan from the registrar (available in Student Services)
  • A computer with internet access
  • The DM Advising web page. Find in the main menu of kendallweblab.com
  1. Only Full time Digital Media faculty can advise students.
  2. Ask the student their area of focus. If they are undecided, ask them to narrow it to 2 or 3.
  3. Show the student the advising page
    • Check Home page for any "special instructions".
    • If the student is a Freshman: give a quick tour of the entire site.
    • Show all students the DM Electives and Open Electives pages... review the recommendations for their area of focus.
  4. Ask the student how many credits they will be taking. Remind them that to graduate in 4 years they will need to take 15 credits per semester.
  5. Mark directly on their program plan which courses you recommend for them to take. 
  6. Make sure that students are taking the recommended courses in the correct order unless there are legitimate extenuating circumstances. The advising site has a page for this.
  7. If needed, show the student how to logon to myFSU and register.

 The Digital Media Minor  

Students interested in a Digital Media minor or simply desire some input on DM courses to take as electives, should work directly with one of the faculty. Each Minor or series of electives will be customized to match your career goals. Click the link in the min menu for more detail and some  series recommendations.

 Digita Media Full Time Faculty  

Susan Bonner
Courses: Digital Imaging and Concept Design
Office location: room 711 

Mike Dollar
Courses: Sound Design
Office location: Recording lab 

Bill Fischer
Courses: Interactive Design
2D Animation, Thesis, Portfolio
Office location: room 711 

Kasey McCargar, Program Chair
Courses: Video and Motion Graphics
Office location: 
Recording lab

Brad Yarhouse
Courses: 2D Animation, Comic and Storyboard
office location: room 711 

 Financial Aid  

Information concern financial aid and scholarships can be found at:
KCAD Website

for latest, up-to-date opportunities and deadlines search:
'Kendall College of Art and Design - Financial Aid'

 Special Instructions 


Students in all focuses (except 3D Game Art) should take DM 332 Concept and Production Art. This should be the last Program Elective they take, schedule permitting.