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 DM 203   Digital Character Drawing
                     was Cintiq Action Drawing

 DM 203
 2D Character Design 

DM 231    Sound Design I 

 DM 232   Intro To Digital 3D 
                    was 3D Modeling

 DM 235   Interactive Design I

 DM 241   Digital Imaging I

 DM 243   Digital Imaging II 

 DM 294   Animation & Motion Graphics  I 
                    Was 2D Animation I

 DM 303   3D Motion Design

 DM 312   Comic & Graphic Novel Design 

 DM 317   Interactive Design II

 DM 319   Interactive Design III 

 DM 321   Concept Art 
                    was Imag. Game, Anim. & Film

 DM 331   Sound Design II 

 DM 334   Storyboard Art

                    was DM295 2D Animation II

                    Was 3D Animation I

                    Was 3D Animation II

                    Was Motion Graphics

                   was Digital Experience Design