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Phase II (2008-2012)
  1. Prospects for a Phase III SIMPLE Measurement
  2. Girard et al. reply (for the SIMPLE Collaboration) 
  3. Final Analysis and Results of the Phase II SIMPLE Dark Matter Search
  4. First Results of the Phase II SIMPLE Dark Matter Search
  5. Studies on the efficiency of the neutron shielding for the SIMPLE dark matter search
  6. Three dimensional passive acoustic spatial identification of nucleations in superheated droplet detectors
  7. Superheated droplet detector response to fabrication variations
  8. A CF3I-based SDD prototype for spin-independent dark matter searches
  9. Acoustic spatial localization of events in superheated droplet detectors
  10. New acoustic instrumentation for the SIMPLE superheated droplet detector
  11. New limits on WIMP interactions from the SIMPLE dark matter search
  12. Instrumentation, acquisition and analysis of the Phase II SIMPLE dark matter search signals

Phase I (2004-2007)

  1. SIMPLE dark matter search results
  2. Model-Independent Assessment of Current Direct Searches for Spin-Dependent 
  3. Dark MatterModel-independent limits from spin-dependent WIMP dark matter experiments
  4. SIMPLE-icity in Direct Dark Matter Searches
  5. Exclusion limits on spin dependent WIMP-nucleon couplings from the SIMPLE experiment
  6. Heavy superheated droplet detectors as a probe of spin-independent WIMP dark matter existence
  7. Are Direct Search Experiments Sensitive to All Spin-Independent Weakly Interacting Massive Particles?
  8. On the direct search for spin-dependent WIMP interactions
  9. Optimization of filtered neutron beams for the calibration of superheated droplet detectors at the RPI
  10. Improved acoustic instrumentation of the SIMPLE detector
  11. Response of SIMPLE SDDs to Monochromatic Neutron Irradiations
  12. Response study of a CF3I Superheated Droplet Detector for dark matter applications
  13. The simple SDD
  14. Signal Discrimination in Superheated Droplet Detectors
  15. Neutron spectrometry with large volume, heavy-loaded superheated droplet detectors: a simple spin-off
  16. Recent results from the the SIMPLE dark matter search 
  17. Impact of a ''heavy'' SIMPLE on the search for WIMP dark matter
  18. Some SIMPLE results in the search for Spin-Dependent dark matter
Pilot Phase (1998-2003)
  1. First Dark Matter Limits from a Low-Background Superheated Droplet Detector
  2. Prospects for SIMPLE 2000: a Large-Mass, Low-Background Superheated Droplet Detector for WIMP Searches
  3. The Status of SIMPLE in 2002
  4. WIMP Searches with Superheated Droplet Detectors: Status and Prospects
  5. Status and Prospects for SIMPLE
  6. Development of Large-mass SDD's for Dark Matter Searches
  7. Superheated Droplet Detectors as CDM Detectors: The SIMPLE Experiment