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    Republicans Exposed:

    Human Rights Issues

    The last time things got this bad was about 150 years ago -- and we needed a Civil War to resolve it.

    Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein recently wrote a column for the Washington Post with a provocative headline: “Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.” Their thesis was that they had never, in 40 years of observing Congress, seen the institution behave in such a dysfunctional manner. They wrote that while they had long found reasons to be critical of both Democrats and Republicans, things have changed and our current crisis is solely the fault of a Republican Party that "has become an insurgent outlier in American politics.

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    Moral Crisis in America

    It’s important that the American People know the truth and get the facts about the Republican Party. And for the past 40+ year they’ve call themselves the “High Values” {the accepted principles or standards of a person or a group}, with “High Standard” {the level of quality or excellence attained by somebody or something} – the Moral {relating to issues of right and wrong and to how individual people should behave} Party!

    From the excerpt definitions, tell me, is this what you see coming from the Republican Party of late – Hell No! What we see is the “Do Nothing”, the “Party of No” and the “Obstructionist Party! And they continue to hold America and the American people – hostage.

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    Right-wing Claims

    If Obama’s Re-elected: Take-Up Arms:
    Is this what the Right-wing is calling for, secession from the union, brothers [and nowadays sister] killing brothers and sister, hang the [nearest] Black-man, African-American that you see because he happens to be black? Again my friends, if Obama get’s re-elected and it’s a great possibility, you need to deal with it!  These are questions that one must ask and answer and if the answers are overwhelmingly – Yes! You hate that possible reality of Obama’s re-election that much and you want to take-up arm than my friends, you need some serious help – seek professional counseling – now!

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