Daryl Root for District 4 House

Hello!  My name is Daryl Root.

Put simply, I'm a social moderate and fiscal conservative who believes everyone has the right to do as they wish, as long as
it doesn't harm others financially or physically. 
Daryl Root for District 4 House

"[Liberty]... is unobstructed action according to our will: but rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will, within the limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’; because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual." - Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Issac Tiffany, April 1819.

No person should have the right to enhance their financial, physical, mental, or other personal well-being by means of force against another individual either directly or through government intervention.  However, once our own needs for food, clothing, and shelter have been met, we all have the obligation to voluntarily aid those who sincerely can not do so for themselves.

Taxation and regulation should be a last resort when trying to fix any issues within the state. It's your money and you earned it.  You should get to keep it.

I believe laws introduced by government should pass the "Constitutional test" before being considered for a vote.  It bothers me that most representatives in government are too concerned with being seen as "doing something", many times only to benefit their contributors, found by clicking on this link.


I am personally against abortion, with the exception of a mother's life.  However, from a political standpoint, we are bound by past rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States.
  Roe vs. Wade grants women the right to an abortion but it does not ban limitations on them as long as that right remains intact for all.  South Dakota recognizes the UDDA definition of death as the irreversible non-functioning of the heart and lungs.  Therefore, life must exist when either function occurs.  A fetal heartbeat can be detected as early as six weeks through vaginal ultrasound, and by the twelfth week through non-invasive means .  Therefore, from legal and political viewpoints, I would support laws banning abortion as early as week 12.

Budget, Economy, and Taxation:
The budget should be kept as small as possible while still accomplishing the state's agricultural, educational, infrastructural, and favorable business climate needs.  Tax rates based on percentages should never be increased and those based on fees should never increase more than the rate of inflation since the last increase.  Any tax increase exceeding these limits, and not offset by decreases elsewhere, should come with a maximum two year sunset provision requiring lawmakers to once again stand for their position before it can be made permanent.  I oppose any proposals to implement a state income tax as earning a wage is a necessity and one should not be taxed for it.  I also support the elimination of sales tax on food and clothing which are necessities of life.

Crime and Drugs:
Prison should be for violent offenders and those who commit other serious crimes with an actual victim and perpetrator.  Non-violent and misdemeanor violations (unless habitual repeaters) should be treated in less restrictive ways.  It's time for South Dakota, and the nation, to have a serious discussion about the war on drugs, including prescription drug abuse.  Simply put, the war is not working.  Billions have been spent and  too many lives lost with little or no gain.  We're ignoring the lessons of Prohibition.  Demand and treatment is where we should concentrate our efforts.  In addition, forced catheterization and taking of blood in a quest to detect drug use must be banned, and drug testing for all jobs not related to public safety should be banned.

Personal life history and incidental learning through social gatherings will always be more influential in a child's life than most of what they learn in any school, public or private.  Rich kids will usually have a distinct advantage over poor, and only unfettered determination by the disadvantaged, not social engineering or tax money, can change that.  Beyond the elementary grades, schools basically become a holding cell for those with no commitment or desire to learn.  Grades hold back advanced students and push forward those who need more time.  For this reason, I support an "outside-the-box" concept of grade "elimination" in favor of letting students advance at their own pace.  It should also be more socially interactive than instructional.  Grades should only exist for sports programs, which should be self-supportive and not a taxpayer funded event.  Home-schooled children should be able to participate in all extra-curricular programs as their parents must still pay taxes that end up in schools.  I do not support vouchers for home schooling or private schools.  I also favor local control as Sioux Falls is not Buffalo, which is not Milbank.

Energy and the Environment:
I support using, and exploring for, all types of energy.  While humans may contribute to some degree, I don't believe humans are the major cause of global warming (both sides have their science).  However,  I do believe we can pollute the Earth to the point of making it inhospitable.  A certain level of regulation is required so as not to pollute water, land, and air quality, especially beyond one's own property.  There is a fine balance between regulation vs. farm needs, health, and jobs and we can do a better job of finding that balance.

Freedom is the liberty to do as one wishes, free from government intervention, as long as one causes no direct harm to others or the environment.  It is not the selective freedoms imposed by our duopolistic leaders based on their party's agenda or personal opinion of what is acceptable or unacceptable.

Government Assistance:
Assistance builds dependency in the same manner as addictive drugs, and should be a last resort.  Churches and other charitable organizations, as well as benevolent individuals, should be the first source of a charitable safety net, not the government.  Churches and the other aforementioned entities are better at engaging their communities and to getting to know who is truly needy and who is simply trying to scam the system. Charity via the government should be under constant audit and program eligibility checks.  I oppose all subsidies for businesses with the temporary exception of small family-owned farms (as the food chain is a national security issue).

Gun control:  
.... is being able to hit your target.  I fully support the right to bear arms and would ask for no new  limitations .  We have more than enough gun laws and simply need to do a better job of enforcement.  Without the Second Amendment, all other rights become fodder for the government to take away.  Liberal arguments don't hold up with our forefathers reasons for the Second Amendment.  (See Washington quote.)

Individual rights:
I support equal rights for all, and special rights for none.
1) Whether female, black, native, gay, poor, or whatever demographic status, we all deserve equal treatment.
2) Property owners should be able to do with their property as they wish, barring a tangible intrusion of neighbors rights. 
3) I always encourage life, however, those who are terminally ill should have the right to die in a way they see fit to avoid irreversible pain and suffering, as well as life-ending chronic deterioration of internal organs.
4)  Those who can legally conceal carry should be able to exercise that right in all places where alcohol is not present or where vigilantism may be a reasonable concern (Examples: bars, courtrooms, and jails)

Lawmaker Conflicts of Interest:
No state Senator or House member should be permitted to vote on a bill that provides a direct personal gain or other benefit for themselves or other immediate family members, unless it also benefits the general populace.  (Example: If a Senator's spouse operates a realty company, that senator should not be allowed to vote on issues directly benefiting realtors, however they could vote on a bill that lowers realtor fees for all home buyers.)  WHO'S FUNDING YOUR LEGISLATORS?

Marijuana and Hemp:
I'm a supporter of medicinal marijuana, not only because science continues to discover the benefits of it's use over conventional drugs for conditions such as Dravet Syndrome and PTSD, but also as a human right to one's sovereignty over their own body.  Industrial hemp should be legalized and grown in this state.  Being allowed to import, but not grow hemp, is a perfect example of governmental lack of common sense.

Voting rules:
Propose a bill to mandate that all state primary and state general elections allow a space to fill in a name for write-in candidates.  This would eliminate automatic victories to those without an opponent.  If our party leaders are worthy of our vote, they should have nothing to fear.  However, to be a valid write-in candidate for the general election, one can not have lost in the most recent primary election (i.e., sore loser rule).  Constituents deserve the maximum of freedom when it comes to being represented.


*Born in Pennsylvania, Graduated high school in 1976.
*Post-school studies include three semesters in accounting and a course in medical coding.
*Father of two, and grandfather of six.  They are my greatest source of pride.
*Self-employed as a flooring subcontractor since 1995.  Owned flooring store from 2007-14.
*Hobbies include reading, snowmobiling, history, travel, westerns, gardening and cooking.
*Biggest asset I can contribute to South Dakota - Knowledge to keep our state from becoming overtaxed, over regulated, and crime-ridden as I saw happen in my old home state.