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DeLuna Fest 2011

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Vinyl Music Hall April 2, 2011



Mardi Gras in Pensacola: DLP Plays at Mystic Maids February 19, 2011

A Show For The Ages: DLP Rocked The Plaid Britches Off The Pensacola Country Club on Friday, August 27, 2010

                                                 Will Henghold


Jack Zoesch and
Sid Rosenthal


Charlie Wiggins.  And some groupie. 

The Hardest Working Band in East Hill

Dr. Peter Butler:  Special guest star and owner of the big truck in which we haul our gear.


Today's Lesson:  The tambourine is not intended for healthy adult males who are not actual members of the band.
Case Study:  This gentleman has not yet matured to the level of realizing:
1.  attractive women on stage = cute and fun
2.  unknown dudes on stage = simply desperate
Hint:  If you think that commandeering the band's tambourine (i.e., to the exclusion of a female fan) affords you some cachet, you are galactically misguided.  Tambourines are typically reserved for attractive women (remember, this equates to cute and fun) who join the band on stage.  Please:  put the tambourine down and let the ladies have a turn. 

DLP savors victory once again!

Seville Quarter 2010