DLP returns to downtown Pensacola for the 2016 Pelican Drop.  We will kick 2016 to the curb like a ton of spoiled ham.  

DeLuna Fest October 26, 2011 Pensacola Beach

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DLP:  Doctors, Lawyers & Politicians

Our band (left to right):

Jack Zoesch, Esq. - Keyboard and Vocals
Hon. David Stafford - Drums
Charlie Wiggins, Esq. - Bass
Dr. Sidney Rosenthal - Guitar
Dr. William Henghold - Vocals and Guitar

DLP:  The Early Days

Good thing that leggings for men are making a comeback.  We've got a warehouse full of them.  The rhythm section prefers metallic hues.  Because we're autumns.

After the headband shortage of '92, we moved away from this look.  But not without many sleepless nights full of shame.

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