Journal Observations

  1. September 2nd
    Met with Human resources, filled out official forms. Met up with my supervisor James Murdock, who is the lead audio/video producer at DEG.
    He shoots and edits video for the NYPL site, for both internal use and outbound programming. Met a few other DEG members, namely
    Benjamin Vershbow who is in charge of social media development and upkeep for the NYPL. Began experimenting with Final Cut, learned basic editing tools.
  2. September 9th
    Entered metadata on various NYPL Live event videos through their Drupal backend data asset management environment. Vetted pre-existing records. Learned how to
    set up bins and projects from scratch in Final Cut. 

  3. September 16th
    Met with the Maps Division to help brainstorm video mounting considerations for an exhibition about the history of the city. Had a hard time mastering a Google Maps
    fly-over video so that it would look correct when projected onto a wall in a exhibition space at 34th St. Tried various resolutions and settings .
    9AM - 5PM

  4. September 23rd
    Transcribed audio of conversation between NYPL Live host Paul Holdengraber and NYPL President Paul LeClerc.Researched the NYPL a/v site, took notes on
    organization of site and services offered. 

  5. September 30th
    Edited Lynn Redgrave video to completion. Learned how to add transition effects. 

  6. October 7th
    Edited video on John Jacob Astor, featuring Paul Leclerc. Learned how to watermark and add titles.

  7. October 14th
    Went off-site with James to shoot interviews with various NYPL staff regarding the new mission statement. Mostly shadowed James;
    took notes on focusing, exposure, placement, data transfer etc. Continued editing.

  8. October 21st
    Started content QA on the new NYPL site, primarily reviewing video nodes and looking for issues regarding broken links or stream failure. Inputted results into a 
    spreadsheet which is color coded by problem status. Edited in Final Cut.

  9. October 28th
    Went off-site to deliver an external harddrive to one of NYPL's technical media specialists, who put NYPL Live video and audio files on it so that I could go back to the office
    and begin editing. Data transfer took almost 2 hours. NYPL does not have a data cloud in which they can share content, luckily the 34th and 42nd St. libraries are in close 
    proximity to one another. Once I got the media I began editing the video, mostly 2 shot sets as are typical of the NYPL Live interviews. 

  10. November 4th
    Continued editing video from prior session, encountered issues with audio mastering. Tried to export audio to Audacity for normalization/maximization but 
    Audacity kept crashing. James taught me how to use Final Cut audio mastering plugins; gated the decibel level so it wouldn't peak, but other levels were
    still too quiet and required maximization.

  11. November 11th
    Began editing mission statement video, which James and I had shot a couple of weeks prior. This proved to be quite challenging because we had footage
    from 3 workshops, all with the same introductions and main speakers, but different NYPL staff panel discussions. I had to watch all 3 workshops and note the
    best conversations from each. Then I had to create a system for editing them together, and thought of one in which I rotate between the 3 panel discussions,
    so that no same panel is edited back to pack. I also gave James my recorded music for use in the background of the video, which he implemented.

  12. November 18th
    Sat in on Social Media meeting with the full DEG staff and the marketing staff.They discussed identifying approaches to visibility (publicity and promotion), 
    metrics for flash content on the new NYPL site, and forging relationships with like-minded blogs who might want to host or promote our videos on their sites.
    They also discussed ways to expand the social media footprint by involving NYPL staff and visitors (crowd sourcing) and building Twitter APIs into NYPL
    management systems.

  13. December 2nd
    Wrapped up work on mission statement video, had a nice chat with Benjamin Vershbow about Google Wave and potential uses for DEG. Got through about 150 nodes of video
    for QAing, was impressed with lack of HTML styling errors, but there were lots of broken  audio and PDF links noted. Had a brief discussion with James concerning getting hired
    on a part time basis in the Spring.

  14. December 9th
    Went off-site with James to video record a curatorial meeting at the 34th St. library. Got to handle the camera during an actual taping for the first 
    time. Struggled with zooming while moving back and forth between people talking at the meeting, but eventually got the hang of it.  Continued 
    editing videos and doing QA reviews of the video content on the new site in the afternoon. James followed up and is positive about me working there,
    will know more in January.

TOTAL HOURS = 119 hours (not including 45min-1hour breaks per session)


Daniel Lopatin,
Dec 13, 2009, 5:33 PM