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Laulima Support for Students

Where do I go to log into Laulima?
You can log into Laulima by going to https://laulima.hawaii.edu, select the "Login" link in the upper right corner of the screen and enter your UH username and associated password.

If you are a "Guest" and have been invited to log into a Laulima course, log in using your full email address (example: happyface@yahoo.com) and the password that should have been sent to you by either the instructor or automatically to your email account.

How do I access my courses?
Once you log into Laulima (https://laulima.hawaii.edu) you are inside your "My Workspace" which is a private for you to upload materials (Resources), set up a profile (Profiles) and alter default course information settings (Preferences).

There will be a blue bar running across the screen, this is the Course Tabs area where all your registered courses should be listed. If you have multiple courses (more than 4) you should see a -more- link which will give you access to ALL your courses. Click on a course title to enter.

What browsers/versions are recommended for working with Laulima?
To access Laulima (2.4) use one of the following browsers, note that Mozilla Firefox appears to be the most stable and consistent when working with Laulima:

Internet Explorer 7.0 and newer
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and newer

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and newer

Other platforms
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and newer

Why doesn't the spell checker work with some browsers like Firefox?
Some browser's built-in spell check system is incompatible with the rich text editor (FCKeditor) in Laulima, like Firefox. So, if you need spell checking while using the rich text editor, your only option at this point is to use Internet Explorer and install the free ieSpell tool.

When I log into Laulima I don't see any tabs for my courses.
Most likely the cause for this is due to having your browser set to use reduced text size. You can resolve this issue by increasing your browsers text site until the tabs become visible.

To increase text size in Internet Explorer, from the View menu, click Text Size, and then select Medium, Larger, or Largest.

In Firefox, from the View menu, click Text Size, and then select Increase. Depending on how tiny your text size setting is, you may have to repeat this step once or twice.

My instructor said I can upload my homework to the Drop Box and even download files she has put into our course Resources area using something called Internet Connections. How do I do that?
Please review the following Tutorial Uploading Files with WebDAV (NOTE: connecting using WebDAV on Vista you MUST download and install the following Windows Update from Microsoft and then proceed with the tutorial: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=907306)

What happens when I can't log in or SEE any of my registered classes?
Send us a Request Assistance report detailing all information (be as specific as possible) about the issues you are having. If it is a technical problem, tell us what errors you are seeing or what you see on the screen.

I can log in fine, but I see some courses I haven't registered for, how do I delete them?
Students do not have the ability to remove a course so you will need to submit a Request Assistance report telling us what courses are showing up that you would like to have removed.

My instructor says I should be able to view my test score, where are they?
This really depends on how the instructor set up the exam or if they added some sort of grading tool for you to view course scores.

If the instructor has allowed students to return to an exam to view their scores, go to your course test area, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and under "Submitted Assessments" you should be able to view your score in the "Score" column or click on the quiz title (which will be a link) to enter the submitted exam to review scores and any feedback.

If the instructor has added a grading tool, either the Gradebook or Post 'Em, then click on that tool in the Course Menu to your review scores.

I am trying to use the HTML editor to write email and discussion messages but I only see a white box, what's wrong?
Your browser may not support the HTML editor's full functionality. One of the most stable, supported browsers for working with Laulima is Mozilla Firefox (for Mac and PC), I suggest you download this browser and see if that will make a difference when using the editor.


Laulima Orientation

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