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CAFE evaluation forms will be delivered to departments by November 28, 2008





Welcome to CAFE - a course and faculty evaluation system for the University of Hawaii Manoa campus. This evaluation system is designed to initiate a means for understanding how courses and instruction are perceived on the Manoa campus, to assist faculty in gathering evidence of course and student satisfaction for their professional portfolio, and to tap student thoughts and suggestions on developing a better course.

Flexibility is a key feature of this evaluation system based on a cafeteria, or menu-type of faculty/course evaluation. The system provides for the customizing of the evaluation questionnaire by the faculty or department combined with common elements for assessing the campus as a whole. This can be especially useful when a course of instruction does not fall in the traditional instructional mode, or a new innovative method/technique is in experimental use.

For more information please call the Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support (OFDAS) at 956-8075, or email cafe@hawaii.edu.

**This site is for paper-based evaluations. If you are part of the beta test group looking for the online version eCAFE, go to http://www.hawaii.edu/ecafe .


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