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Wireless Data Solution

wireless data solution
    wireless data
  • Describes a service that allows users to use their mobile device to transfer data across the TELUS Mobility network.
  • A service that allows you to send digital data over a cellular phone. Analog phones require a cellular modem; digital phones do not. Not offered by all providers.
  • The correct answer to a puzzle
  • a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances; frequently (but not necessarily) a liquid solution; "he used a solution of peroxide and water"
  • Products or services designed to meet a particular need
  • A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation
  • a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem; "they were trying to find a peaceful solution"; "the answers were in the back of the book"; "he computed the result to four decimal places"
  • a method for solving a problem; "the easy solution is to look it up in the handbook"

PacLease-PacTrac full system
PacLease-PacTrac full system
PacTrac, a scalable telematics solution powered by Minneapolis-based PeopleNet, doesn’t suffer from the transmission latency or dead zones typical on single mode networks and bandwidth-constrained satellite communications networks. The over-the-air programmable solution provides GPS-based tracking, onboard voice and data communications and Internet-based business systems integration. This allows fleets not only to communicate with drivers and know where they are, but also to provide useful information about their trucks and drivers.
Zigbee Evaluation kit
Zigbee Evaluation kit
The XBee 802.15.4 (formerly Series 1) OEM RF module is an IEEE 802.15.4 compliant solution that satisfies the unique needs of low-cost, low-power wireless sensor networks. It is easy-to-use, requires minimal power and provides reliable delivery of critical data between devices. No configuration is necessary for out-of-box RF communications. Advanced configurations can be implemented using simple AT commands

wireless data solution
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