"Bell's Theorem and Quantum Realism" Correction

The following corrections are to be made to the book 
"Bell's Theorem and Quantum Realism: Reassessement in Light of the Schrödinger Paradox

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In chapter four, 4.3.1 ( pp 67 ), 4.3.2 ( 68-footnote 13 ),  and 4.5.2 ( 90 ), the notation
"script-M ( O)" is offered for experimental measurement procedure of quantum
observable O.

A more-appropriate notation 
"script-E ( O )" was utilized in chapter 2. ( And also makes a brief appearance at the end of chapter 4 in the book summary section 4.7.) The notion behind "script-E(O)" is to emphasize experimental procedure (of which there might be several distinct possibilites, even when one is "measuring" the same quantum observable. See chapter 2 of the book.)

The appropriate "LaTeX" command for a "script" variable is "{\cal }".

Ideally, one would also prefer not to utilize the term "measurement locality" (4.3.2 (p 68 footnote 13) and 
4.5.2 (p 90 in text and in footnote 57) ). Instead, a better apellation would be "procedural locality," which term  emphasizes the experimental procedure brought to bear in "measuring" some observable (perhaps making use of the initials PL rather than ML).

For those who would like something more explicit and exact, below are attempts at corrected versions of the pages requiring changes. Unfortunately, I was not able to completely match the fonts, size and style used by the typesetter. Therefore, these pages are imperfect in that they do not match up perfectly with the pages in the actual book insofar as the flow of the text. In particular, the end-points of the pages are not the same as those in the book.

Nevertheless, here are .jpg files of the pages in question, if you would care to download or just take a look:

The point of quantum contextuality is that measurement is an
*ambiguous* concept. Moreover, this is not some special result that follows from analysis of hidden variables, but from the quantum formalism itself (see chapter 2 of the book).  The notation "script-M( O )" and the term "measurement locality" do not really reflect this insight very well.

I hope that any resulting confusion will be minimal.

Thank you.

DLH January 2012
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