Daniel Greco

Department of Philosophy
Yale University
P.O. Box 208306
New Haven, CT 06520-8306

dlgreco - at - gmail.com
curriculum vitae

I am an assistant professor in the philosophy department at Yale. I completed my PhD in philosophy at MIT in 2012. Before that, I was an undergraduate at Princeton, and an MPhil student at Cambridge
I work mainly in epistemology and the philosophy of science, though I have secondary interests in metaethics and the philosophy of mind, especially as they relate to epistemology.


Journal Articles

Contributions to Edited Volumes

  • "Is Epistemology Autonomous?'' in Metaepistemology, forthcoming with Oxford University Press.
  • "Climate Change and Cultural Cognition'', in Philosophy and Climate Change, forthcoming with Oxford University Press.

  • "Contextualism about Foundations", in Routledge Handbook of Epistemic Contextualism, forthcoming with Routledge.
  • Explanation, Idealism, and Design, in Idealism: New Essays in Metaphysics, forthcoming with Oxford University Press.


At Yale:

  • Moral and Epistemic Dilemmas, Spring 2017
  • Topics in Epistemology, Fall 2014
  • Problems of Philosophy, Fall 2013, Fall 2014
  • Philosophy of Science, Spring 2014, Spring 2017
  • Directed Studies, Spring 2014, Spring 2015
  • First-Year Seminar (With Stephen Darwall), Fall 2013


  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Minds and Machines

Selected Presentations

  • Fragmented Belief and Knowledge
    • Ohio State University Philosophy Colloquium, November 2016
    • Epistemic Indexing Workshop, University of Saint Andrews, September 2016
    • Keynote Address, Second Fragmentation Workshop, University of Graz, May 2016
  • On the Very Idea of an Epistemic Dilemma
    • University of Pittsburgh Philosophy Colloquium, March 2017
    • APA Central Division, Symposium, March 2016
    • UT Austin, October 2015
    • Rice University, September 2015
  • Safety, Iteration, and Explanation
    • APA Central Division, Symposium February 2015
    • MIT, October 2014
  • Cognitive Mobile Homes
    • Current Topics in Epistemology Seminar, Rutgers University, November 2014
    • Colloquium, University of Edinburgh, June 2014
  • Iteration and Fragmentation
    • APA Eastern Division, Symposium, 2013
    • Rutgers Epistemology Conference, May 2013
    • University of Birmingham, November 2012
    • University of Leeds, November 2012
  • Could KK Be OK?
    • Oxford University, November 2012
    • University of Saint Andrews, November 2012
  • The Impossibliity of Skepticism
    • Barnard College/Columbia University, February 2012
    • Yale University, January 2012
    • New York University, January 2012
    • University of Southern California, January 2012
    • Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference, July 2010 (Under title: "Skepticism, Belief, and the Impossiblity of Agnosticism.")
  • Probability and Prodigality
    • MATTI Presentation Series at MIT, November 2010
    • Probability Reading Group at ANU, August 2010 (Under Title: "Acting on Knowledge.")
  • Significance Testing in Theory and Practice
    • Formal Epistemology Workshop, June 2009
    • Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Probability, June 2009