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 The effects of two wars in former Netherlands East Indies are still being felt. First there was a war with Japan, followed by the Indonesian War of Independence. Although many of us have been affected by the past, we wish to work for a future of peace and cooperation on the basis of understanding and reconciliation. That is why we organize conferences for the Dutch, Japanese and Indonesians. It is for both young and old who want to remember and overcome the past. We are going to work for peace through telling our own stories and meeting together.

 It is our great pleasure to announce that the working group of Dialoog NJI acquired the status of Stichting (Foundation) last December.  To celebrate this fact we would like to invite you for the three programs presented below. 


‘Symposium POW Camps in Japan during the Pacific War’

 Friday 3 June 2016, 13.00-17.00 at NIOD, Herengracht 380, Amsterdam

 Language: English

 The 'Stichting Dialoog Nederland-Japan-Indonesië(https://sites.google.com/site/dlgnji4nl/) in collaboration with the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies (http://niod.nl) organizes a symposium on the occasion of the visit of members of the 'POW Research Network Japan' to the Netherlands.


 Welcome by Eveline Buchheim, NIOD 

-                Introduction to the POW Research Network by Yoshiko Tamura, POW Research Network-                 

-           POW camps in Japan during the Pacific War by Taeko Sasamoto, POW Research Network

-           Netherlands East Indies and Australian POWs in Hainan island by Fuyuko Nishisato, POW Research Network Japan

-           Dutch civilian internees in Japan by Mayumi Komiya, POW Research Network

-           Personal recollections from POWs in the NIOD collection by Eveline Buchheim, NIOD

-           Discussion led by Peter Keppy, NIOD

-           Final remarks by Yukari Tangena-Suzuki, ‘Stichting Dialoog Nederland-Japan-Indonesië’

Registration is possible until May 25th by mail: aanmelden@niod.knaw.nl


Program 19th Dialogue Conference

Saturday June 4th 2016, 10:15-16:30 at the Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten in Utrecht, Domplein 4, Utrecht

 Language: Nederlands

ThemePOW camp in Japan: Reconciliation between  Japanese civilians and victims possible?

             09:45   Arrival, registration, coffee and tea

10:15   Welcome                                                                       Mr. Ton Stephan

10.20   Opening words                                                             Mrs. Yukari Tangena - Suzuki

10.35   “The memorial remembering the POW’s from

  Fukuoka-2: a place to reflect                                  Mr. Andre Schram 

11.00   “My youth in two wars”                                              Mr. Henk Kleijn 

11:25   Short break                  

11.45   “How I have come to be involved

  in the POW issues”                                                   Mrs. Taeko Sasamoto 

12.10   “Thanks to Dutch A-bomb survivors, and

  our way to catharsis”                                                Mrs. Yoko Watanuki

12.35   Lunch break                                                               

13:25   Discussion groups                                                        dialogue in 6 groups

14:55   Resume group discussions                                          Mrs. Aya Ezawa

15.20   Peroration                                                                    prof. Takemitsu Muraoka

15.30   Captives’ Hymn and closure                                        Mr. Ton Stephan

The discussions, led by experienced facilitators, are a quiet place to meet the other participants, lots of talk and questions. In the conference both Dutch and English will be spoken. Upon entry you will receive translations of the introductions.

Introduction of the guest speakers:

Mr. Andre Schram is the son of a POW of camp Fukuoka No. 2 at Nagasaki. He is also the Treasurer of the Foundation Dialoog NJI.

Mr. Henk Kleijn has been a POW of camp Fukuoka No.2 at Nagasaki. 

Mrs. Taeko Sasamoto is the founder and Secretary General of POW Research Network Japan.

Mrs. Yoko Watanuki is a Board member of SOO, supporting Japanese Indisch descendants and A-bomb survivors in The Netherlands

Registration through dialoognji16@gmail.com before May 25 mentioning name and number of persons attending. The costs for this event are 19,50 Euro per person or 17,00 Euro per person in groups of 2 or more. Please pay by banktransfer to account number NL73SNSB 0927 6534 94 t.n.v. Stichting Dialoog NJI. After payment your participation will be confirmed. Those who wish a vegetarian lunch, please notify upon registration.


Presentation of the book and documentary about the POW camp Fukuoka-2/Nagasaki

Saturday June 4th 2016, 16:00-17:15 at the Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten in Utrecht, Domplein 4, Utrecht

 Language: Nederlands 

On September 13th 2015 a special memorial has been unveiled for all victims of the POW camp Fukuoka-2 at Nagasaki. This is special since the memorial has been initiated by citizens of Nagasaki and also because the memorial commemorates all victims, those who survived as well as those who died in captivity. For this event, and to explain the story of the victims and their descendants forever, a book and a documentary have been produced. We are happy to invite all who are interested to be part of this event. 

The program will consist of the following components:

- Welcome words by Mr. E. Jacobs, chairman of the meeting and former ambassador in Japan

- Introduction to the book 
Gestolde tranen: Ter herinnering aan de krijgsgevangenen van Fukuoka-2 (1942-1945)by Mr. L. van Aggelen (author)

- Introduction by Mr. E. de Groot (filmmaker) and display of part of the documentary 
Fukuoka-2 Memorial

- Presentation of the book and documentary by mr.  E. Jacobs to the survivors of Fukuoka-2 and to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation descendants of Fukuoka-2 POW’s

- Acknowledgement by Mr. A. Schram (Dialogue NJI) and a short review about the sequel to the book and the documentary

-Peroration by Mr. E. Jacobs followed bij the reception

Registration through dialoognji16@gmail.com before May 25 mentioning name and number of persons attending. 


From Januari 1 2016 the Working Group Dialoog NJI will continue its activities as the 'Stichting Dialoog Nederland-Japan-Indonesie'. The mailaddress of the Stichting is dialoognji16@gmail.com and will replace the mailaddress of the working group. The old address will be active for the coming period but to contact the Stichting we ask you to make use of the new address as mentioned.  The Stichting is registered with the Kamer van Koophandel under number 64812006.

The Stichting Dialoog NJI is chaired by Mrs. Yukari Tangena-Suzuki whereas Mr. Rob Sipkens and Mr. Andre Schram act as secretary resp. treasurer of the Stichting. Mr. Bill Thomson, Mr. Edu Dumasy and Prof Muraoka will act as advisers to the Stichting.

The text of the speakers of the Dialogue Conference on September 5th, 2015 in Voorburg
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The text of the >>> 17th Dialogue Conference Dutch–Japanese–Indonesian <<<  of  2014
A video impression of the conference of 2013: http://vimeo.com/77202921
Since the year 2000 we are busy with
Dialogue between Dutch, Japanese, and Indonesian.
Because we were once enemies, we never want to be that again.
We talk with each other
about the war in the past
especially the Japanese occupation of the former Dutch East Indiës,
and what happened before and after that
for the future
to understand each others' culture
and with a hope for reconciliation, liberation from the hate, friendship, and peace.

For some war-victims
the Dialogue could help coming to terms with their past
for others it is a chance to learn history of your own country
directly from the real witnesses.

In our Dialogue war experiences are handed over
from older war generation to the generation after the war
for the future.

Therefore is our Dialogue per definition
inter-cultural and inter-generational.

In order to avoid a war absolutely en not to let the seeds of hate grow
we should keep on having our Dialogue in the future.

Please join our Dialogue !
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