Sensitivity to the issues of reputation, identity and membership within different digital contexts. The purposeful management and calibration of one’s online persona. Developing a sense of belonging and a confident participant role.

Components of Persona

Identity building Reputation management Participation
The development of a sense of one’s own roles within different digital environments and a sensitivity to relationships and alignments within groups and communities. An understanding of the multi-faceted nature of identity, how this operates in different contexts and the relationships between digital and other identities. Learners need to be aware of their own and their communities' reputations as assets that should be developed and managed effectively to support aspirations, such as those related to career and employment. They need to safeguard against loss of reputation, understanding how to protect and partition their online activity. The ability to work with others in a variety of modes (e.g. synchronous and asynchronous) via digital interaction and exchange. To experience the contribution that individuals, groups and communities can make to an activity or endeavour. Awareness of the ethical and cultural challenges this raises.