Overview diagram of the Five Resources model; all text is duplicated on the 5 Resources Framework pages

The 5 Resources Model provides a framework to articulate the scope and dimensions of digital literacies. It is based on an established model of literacy which is underpinned by critical perspectives (the Four Resources Model of Critical Literacy, after Luke & Freebody). It has been adapted for the digital context.

The model has been developed to encompass the varied perceptions and meanings attributed to digital literacy. On the one hand some stakeholders put a strong focus on ICT, i.e. the skills involved in using computers, software and digitally enabled devices; others emphasise the social and interpersonal, creative and communicative skills highlighted by social media and Web 2.0; there are also critical and intellectual approaches associated with the term digital scholarship. Different stakeholders tend to emphasise different skillsets. The model therefore provides an overarching framework against which groups can develop a shared sense of the parameters and scope of digital literacy. This can inform the curriculum and map to graduate attributes as well as contribute to staff development and employability agendas.

What you will find on this site

  • Explanations of the model itself
  • Workshop-style activities and tools
  • Analytical tools
  • Support resources to run your own development activities