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Ch. 2: Meta Analysis of N-addition studies
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LeBauer and Treseder 2008, Ecology

Ch. 3: Diversity and Function of Saprotrophic Fungi

Ch. 4: Grassland Carbon Dynamics along Nitrogen and Depth Gradients

I am investigating the impacts of Nitrogen on Carbon cycling in a California Grassland. Specifically, I studied the interactions among plants, microbes, and soil organic matter, and the response of these ecosystem components to long term N addition.

Stan Harpole and Eric Seabloom initiated 0 and 10 g N m-2 trey-1 treatments in 1999 (0 and 10 gN) and added 1 and 4 gN treatments in 2001.

See images of Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae here

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