1. Why Portugal?

Because Portuguese people are kind and warm and have a long and well-known tradition of receiving other people and cultures.

Our country has a large variety of hotels and guesthouses. Many of those are placed in beautiful small villages or in pleasant farming estates. Restaurants are plenty, and local dishes are an amazing world of flavours to discover. The cuisine is typically Mediterranean and based in regional productions, like olive oil, seafood, traditionally backed bread, aromatic plants and fruits. At last, but not the least, the wine is superb.

We have three international airports and a large net of recent highways and roads that take us confortably to every place in the country.

Climate is mild in the winter and warm in the spring and autumn.

Despite being a small country, Portugal has a large variety of landscapes and natural habitats: beautifull mountains, impressive river canyons, large estuaries and coastal lagoons, endless beaches and sea cliffs, unique Cork Oak woodlands and amazing dry grasslands, are among the bird habitats we can explore in Portugal.

And, of course, the birds! The Portuguese mainland has 54 Important Bird Areas and a list of 440 bird species.

  Douro Canyon (Photo DLeitão).