Political Science, State University of New York at Albany.

Welcome! My name is David L. Jones and I am currently a sixth year PhD student in Political Science at the University at Albany-SUNY.   The purpose of this site is to provide background information on myself, my interests as a scholar, and my academic credentials (see CV / Resume).  In this past I've also used this site to store information for my students. 

My major field of field interest in teaching and research which is what brought me to Albany is public law.  I have specific research interests related to the topics of legal mobilization, social movements, and civil rights & civil liberties. More broadly, I enjoy ruminating on the ways that law acts as a venue and resources for social change. 

My dissertation is currently at the late-prospectus stage with the tentative title While Marriage Was Won: SSM Litigation’s Impact on the Success of other LGBTQ Issues.  I hope to examine the accusation from activists within the lgbtq community that same-sex marriage litigation has drawn attention and resources away from other important lgbtq issues. Some sociolegal scholars have also questioned whether legal advocacy organizations have shifted lgbtq agenda priorities toward specific issues, like marriage, and away from other issues that are important to many other lgbtq people. My project essentially asks: is it true that ssm-litigation drew attention and resources away from other issues, thus impeding the success of these issues? The “big picture” contribution and stalking-horse of the project is this: does litigation take from a movement and shift priorities away from the most marginalized? Or, does litigation give in resources and support structures? Thus, I am interrogating what litigation can contribute to a movement and what litigation draws from them. This gives me some purchase over major questions such as: what does going to court do? What are the benefits and drawbacks for movements to go to court?

My dissertation committee is chaired by my adviser and Department Chair, Dr. Julie Novkov. Also on my committee are Dr. Ellen Andersen (University of Vermont) and Dr. Matthew Ingram.

Research aside, my passion the last few years has turned to teaching.  I have been the instructor-on-record for RPOS 346: Law, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and RPOS 328: Law and Policy.  I have also been fortunate to serve as a teaching assistant for six semesters under Professor Bruce Miroff, Professor Patricia Strach, and Professors Sally Friedman and Anne Hildreth together.  These experiences have been a source of pride and joy in my graduate school life.   

Post-dissertation, I hope to have a career at a small university or college where I can focus most of my attention and energy into teaching.  I have particular interests in teaching Introduction to Govt. (or Politics), Constitutional Law, Law & SOGI Rights, the First Amendment, the Supreme Court, Law & Society, and Law & Policy.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests you can reach me by email at: dlawjones@gmail.com
The best way to reach me by mail is:  
Rockefeller College, Milne Hall, SUNY Albany
Attn: David Jones
135 Western Avenue, 
Albany, NY 12222