David L. Jones, Doctoral Student in Political Science

Welcome! My name is David L. Jones and I am a sixth year PhD student in Political Science at the University at Albany-SUNY.   The purpose of this site is to provide background information on myself, my interests as a scholar, and my academic credentials (see CV / Resume).  I've also used this site to                                                                   store information for my students. 

My major field of field interest in teaching and research is Public Law.  I have specific research interests in legal mobilization, law and society, and civil rights & civil liberties. More broadly, I enjoy ruminating on the ways that litigating acts as a resource to achieve social change. My minor field is American Politics and my interests here are in social movements, American Political Development, and the presidency.  

My passion in graduate school has been teaching and I am committed to improving and excelling in that area.  In total, I have have spent five semesters as an instructor of record and six semesters as a teaching assistant.  The two courses I have taught are: Law, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (three times); and Law and Policy (twice).  I have also taught on-line versions of Law, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity after completing the University's On-line Course Development Program. 

For six semesters I was a TA for Introduction to American Politics under four different sets of instructors. This gave me an incredible array experiences in approaches to teaching and course development.  Thanks to this experience and my time at the Institute of Teaching and Learning (ITLAL) I have grown a great deal as an instructor and developed an interest in pedagogical training.  

In the future I hope to have the opportunity to teach a wide array of courses including the following: Introduction to Govt. (or Politics), the Presidency, American Political Development, Public Opinion and Participation, Introduction to Public Policy, Introduction to Public Law, Constitutional Law I and II, Law & LGBTQ Rights, the First Amendment, the American Supreme Court, Law & Society, Law & Policy, and Social Movements and the Law, as well as other courses.  

My dissertation is currently at the late-prospectus stage with the tentative title While Marriage Was Won: How Focused Litigation Campaigns Affect the Legal Advocacy Industry.  The goal is to discover what effects sustained, focused litigation has on social movement organizations. As a case study, I will examine the concern that ssm-litigation has drawn attention and resources away from other important issues within LGBTQ legal organizations.  The framework for the project relies on social movement scholarship as well as the contributions made by sociolegal scholars focused on legal mobilization and cause-lawyering.  My dissertation committee is chaired by my adviser and Department Chair, Dr. Julie Novkov. Also on my committee are Dr. Ellen Andersen (University of Vermont) and Dr. Matthew Ingram.

Post-graduation I hope to have a career at a four-year bachelors or masters granting institution where I can focus most of my attention and energy into teaching.  I have a sincere interests in continuing my research interests and publishing in those areas however, I wish to spend the bulk of my time mentoring, advising, and teaching students.  

If you have any questions, comments, or requests you can reach me by email at: dlawjones@gmail.com 
The best way to reach me by mail is:  
Rockefeller College, Milne Hall, SUNY Albany
Attn: David Jones
135 Western Avenue, 
Albany, NY 12222