DIY Computer Remote 2

DIY Computer Remote 

Joshua Lee sent me an email with his configurations. (watch the volume, he has loud audio)

"I found your page two days ago over at hack-a-day just minutes before I had to go to work. I bookmarked it and since could't get the idea out of my head until tonight.

This is what I used to make this happen:
1 unused drive bay cover plate thing..
1 xbox controller port
1 s-type controller jewel
1 green led
1 resistor
1 thrift store found usb2 cable
hot glue
solder and a whole lot of imagination

This is how I put it all together:
Stripped the controller port nekkid (no metal) Soldred the apropriate wires from usb to said port. Dremeled and filed out a square hole for the port to sit in. Drilled hole to light the jewel Added led w/resistor  I have the face plate below my dvd drive and the usb cable hooked to an internal port of a firewire/usb card.

I plan on doing this again on a drive bay cover that fits better. Im going to add a toggle switch that cuts off the +5v so it kills the usb connection rather than having to bust the 3 fingered salute to get the bastard to work again. 

Huge thanks for the heads up. I have seriously been wondering if this was possible for a few years now. I have my remote  set up pretty basic. I can navigate through Windows XP with out any snags, use the media player, open and close windows, view sure you get what I'm saying."