From August 2010 to Jan 2011, a team of MIT students worked on projects to help communities in developing countries. In Fall 2010, students worked at MIT to prepare for their one-month trip in January, where they would work in the community to exchange knowledge. One of these projects was to help an NGO in India, AVANI, make organic crayons.

MIT Wiki: D-Lab India 2011
The full documentation of all the projects can be found here, but it you may need a MIT key to view it. I've created this "mirror" page so that the documentation for my project is available to everyone.

Project Proposal
Nov 13, 2010
Initial ideas, research, plan, and goals are laid out in the proposal.

Implementation Proposal
Jan 02, 2011
Prepared plan for working at AVANI.

Project Reports
Jan 29, 2011
Post-trip record, evaluation, and discussion of the project. Things changed drastically since the first two proposals; this trip taught us to be flexible with delays and spontaneous happenings.