CL Buddy- Always be the first to know when new items are posted

Receive Cellphone SMS text messages or emails when new items are posted (immediately, not once an hour)

New Version 2.6

Download CL Buddy here

below is sample screen shot:

What is CL Buddy?

CL Buddy is a program that will notify you with a text message to your cell phone or an email whenever new items are posted that you are interested in.

What is the inspiration?

I was having a hard time finding a good used surfboard. Everytime I found one it was already sold. This way you will never have to miss out on those hard-to-find items.

How to use CL Buddy?

  • download CL Buddy and install it on you machine. You must have Java installed on your machine. Most machines already have Java. You can download it here if needed
  • Once installed, start CL Buddy. It will be in your Start menu
  • Using a browser such as Microsofts Internet Explorer, search for the item you wish to find, as you normally would.
  • From the search results screen, Copy and paste the URL from the browser to the "Enter URL" field in CL Buddy. Then click the "add" button
  • The URL will now appear in the "URLs to be searched" field. The Basic license allows for only one URL to be added but with the Power User license you can select up to 5 URL's to be searched simultaneously.
  • Then in CL Buddy, check whether you'd like to receive email or SMS text messages and enter your information.
  • Next, specify how often you'd like CL Buddy to check for new updates. 10 Minutes is the recommended minimum.
  • Click the Start button in CL Buddy
  • You will see updates in the status area when new items are found.
  • Leave this program running on your computer until you wish CL Buddy to stop checking for update. Note: if you close this program, it will stop checking for updates
  • That's it. Now, you won't lose out on those hot items

What operating systems does it run on?

It is written in Java so it should work on most operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Although the download includes a windows installer. Please contact me if you'd like a version without the installer.

What is new in version 2.5?

Send link context - in addition to the URL the result sent via email/SMS will also include the title and price

Send link content - CL Buddy follows the result link and retrieves the actual content of the post. The message sent via SMS/email will contain all the information needed. (This is a Power User feature)

Search multiple URL's - Up to 5 URL's can be searched simultaneously (This is a Power User feature)

Search History - up to 10 of your most recent searches will be saved for you to select from, even if you close the CL Buddy. You can also clear the history as well.


if you do not enter any min/max or search terms you will get an error when you copy over the URL.  Solution: Add in a space for the search term and use that URL instead. or add a search word.

What does it cost?

There is a fully functional basic license during the Free Trial Period. A permanent basic license is only $5, the cost of a cup of coffee. Considering all the time I spent writing it, I can buy my wife some flowers to let her know I still exist. There is also a Power User license, as well, for $20.

The following is a breakdown of each license type

Power User license - Basic license features plus the ability to search up to 5 urls at a time. Also the content of the ad (phone number, description, name, email, etc) will be sent as well.

Basic license - search one URL at a time. send email or SMS messages. Messages contain context of posts (title, price, URL)