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Honestly, learning Lindy Hop isn't quite as easy to learn as the "club" dancing most people are familiar with — learning Lindy Hop requires an investment of time.  It's not like what's seen on "So You Think You Can Dance" or "Dancing With The Stars".  Everyone doesn't learn at the same pace, nor in the same fashion. My purpose is to help you achieve at YOUR pace.  It's more important for my students to feel comfortable doing just one movement then struggling to grasp everything!  Once comfortable with that one then they can comfortably move on to more.  And have FUN while doing it.

I advise first-time dancers that I believe it takes four consecutive weeks of lessons to begin to feel comfortable with the movements, and by the fifth week things are making sense.  With Lindy, you're training your body to move in an, initially, unnatural way with a partner holding your hand and coupled with keeping time to the music!

Learning to dance isn't about memorizing dance patterns, it's about training your muscle memory — the same as learning how to walk, tie your shoes, or ride a bike.  Repetition is the key!  My classes start with the Basic movement (a.k.a. a Swingout) and build every week by adding in a new movement or two.

Determining when you're ready to advance to Intermediate level lessons is tough.  I suggest waiting until you're comfortable executing (not bored) with all the Beginner-level movements first. This minimizes your potential frustration and thereby, helps you learn faster.

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