Why You Should Learn To Lindy Hop!

I teach a weekly drop-in lesson for the Colorado Swing Dance Club at Denver's historic Turnverein, and a series of progressive lessons through the Colorado Free University. In my 4 years of teaching I've  taught at the Turnverein, the Mercury Cafe, Boulder's Hard Drive Cafe and at the Capitol Hill People's Fair.

In my 6 + years of dancing I've danced in major events in Las Vegas, Chicago, Austin, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, Orlando, and New York City.


I've gone "hardcore" and I have my own domain name.  For up-to-date information come check out:

There you'll find my updated teaching schedule and even more! 

Lindy Hop has to be good for you —
you can't help but smile while doing it.

Learning to Lindy Hop offers:
• a remarkable social interaction experience
• great health benefits
• an inclusive activity for families and individuals
• a new skill set you have FUN constantly refining
• it's all ages - Denver's dancers range from 10 to 80

Once you're comfortable with the basics, you decide what level you want to take your dancing to — you can just stick with the basics and become an accomplished social dancer or you can embellish your dancing with aerial movements and work towards competing (personally, I keep my partner's feet on the ground). You can learn dances like Balboa and Shag, as well as the line dances like the Shim Sham, the Big Apple, and the Jitterbug Stroll — all a part of the swing dancing you'll see at every one of metro Denver's FOUR weekly dance nights.

And talk about affordable — the most "expensive" night of dancing is less than going out to a movie — most nights cheaper than renting from NetFlix.

So do yourself a favor: Get off the couch — you already own everything you'll need — and meet me on the dance floor. Let me tell you, as a beginning dancer few things can compare with the rapturous feeling you have the first time you dance through an entire song!!

EVERYONE can learn this dance. These links will navigate you through my practices on teaching Lindy Hop, to hopefully convince you to take lessons from me!

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