I use both theoretical and experimental methods to study the architecture and function of proteins. I am also involved in protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography. My favorite proteins are ones involved in immune systems, such as antibody, TCR and HLA, and viral proteins. Currently, my interests are twofold: 1) de novo design of immunological proteins and 2) prediction of neoantigen.


Peer-reviwed papers (Equally contribution, *Corresponding Author)

  1. TBA 
    Jeliazkov et al. (in preparation, 2017)

  2. TBA 
    Miyanabe et al. (submitted, 2017)

  3. TBA 
    Kiyoshi et al. (submitted, 2017)

  4. TBA 
    Hashiguchi et al. (submitted, 2017)

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Non-peer reviewed books (Chapters)
  1. Antibody Informatics
    Shirai H and Kuroda D.
    In: Frontier of Antibody Engineering for Next-generation Therapeutics (次世代医薬開発に向けた抗体工学の最前線, 2012, Chapter 4.1, pp.27-46) [CMC Publishing Co., Ltd.] In Japanese
  1. Protein bioinformatics for drug discovery = concavity druggability and antibody druggability =
    Shirai H, Mizuguchi K, Kuroda D, Nakamura H, Soga S, Kobori M, and Hirayama N.
    In: Computational Biology: New Research (2008, pp.11-18) [Nova Publishers]

  1. Structural classification and modeling of antibody hypervariable loops: knowledge-based approaches
    Kuroda D, Shirai H, Lis M, Kinjo AR, Standley DM, and Nakamura H.
    Protein Science, special issue: The 23rd Symposium of The Protein Society, Boston, Massachusetts, July 24-29, 2009 (2009, Vol.18(S1):144) [Wiley]
  1. H3-rules, progress report 2007
    Kuroda D, Shirai H, Kobori M, and Nakamura H.
    Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics, special issue: Proceedings of PRICPS-AOHUPO 2008 (2008, Vol. 2.2:189-190) [Online]

Misc (in Japanese)

  • Antibody Structure Analysis and Prediction for Computational Design
    Kuroda D., Osaka University, 2011 (黒田 大祐, 大阪大学 生命機能研究科, 2011年3月).