training log

goal is July 8th in Kansas, for Nationals.

May races:

* Barking Dog (May 13, but being permitted) mother's day 14th
* Pueblo (looks like 14th, not confirmed: newspaper story says 21st)   

June races: 

* June 10 DAC sprint Cherry Creek, 18th Boulder Sprint (but day-before pickup),
* 24th Lake-Lake but in Sanddunes

July races: 
* KS 8th, Boulder 23rd

August races:  

* 12th Highlands Ranch Splash Mash Dash Sprint Triathlon
* 1/2 IM 5430 Aug 13 or Rattlesnake 19/20

Sept races:    

* Worlds is Sept 2 should that happen. If not, fall frenzy on sept 11 probably but date not definite yet.

2 week taper to KS June 23 begin
8 week build  Apr 15 begin
base from Jan - Apr 15

Winter: usual, long runs, weights, swim thinking of technique
Specifics for bike if possible:
high-cadence, spin up until bouncing, back off and hold 1min, do 5-7
single-leg drills, 3min/side, 5x
3 hour long rides

Move to low cadence/hill riding
Plyometrics start Mar 15, 3mi easy to dirt - bound, high knees, hop, leap - back home. Alternate with weights.

alternate long run with usual 7miler, slow out, fast home from 1/2way
bike, alternate TT with brick, keep on with volume (trainer rides, weekend)


5/20 bronchitis, productive cough, feeling very weak and tired. Effects still persisting 6/2. Antibiotics had no discernible effect.

6/7 to 7/7 in Greece, swam and ran regularly after recovery (6/15 or so), but not fast.

Returned, noticed extraordinary fatigue on hard workouts, race went from 40m 10k to 45m and very distressed afterwards. Pulse unchanged from normal resting 54, HR at effort normal too. 

8/25 Bloodwork was clean (thyroid test and anemia), as was an EKG.

9/8 echocardiogram (ECG) was normal.

10/26 Stress test was fine. Reached 168bpm after 14min, no heart irregularities, rose slowly and dropped quickly. One early beat (arrythmia) detected during the pulmonary test (blow out hard). Max HR expected for age is 175 approx.
Pulmonary function fine too - capacity 110% of predicted, FEV1 (measure of peak exhale capacity) 105% of predicted. This was not taken during exercise, only before, and after HR had dropped to 120bpm.

10/27 PCP gave me Advair to try, and referred to specialist.

10/31 Advair inhaler appeared to be causing chest pains, about the level of the middle of the pectorals (2nd/3rd rib), both sides. Stopped using it. Pains went away.

12/06 S Denver Pulmonary,  did chest x-ray. It was not discussed but I assume it was normal.
Prescribed albuterol inhaler, plus daily Spiriva inhaler.

12/08 test with albuterol at swim workout was inconclusive.

12/12 Was taking SPIRIVA® HandiHaler® (tiotropium bromide), but got chest pains, so decided to discontinue.
Albuterol test with 5x800m run on 3min/2min rest was successful. 2:55,2:55,3:01,3:02,3:01. Hard but no unusual fatigue.

01/10 gave blood.

attempted 5x800 with albuterol, first 3:01, second DNF, third 1:29/1:38 for 3:07. Gave up. Similarly exhausted, breathing seemed OK, maybe because of giving blood last week. ?

01/19 - doc didn't know how to do a treadmill test for EIA, oh well. Did not know what to do about chest pains, wanted to punt that back to PCP. Pointed out the pain was in the main bronchial tubes, and had started only after the Spiriva. OK now wants to do a CT scan, but I'm not convinced it will be helpful.
New prescription for inhaler, not just albuterol. Also started Singulair.

Feb 2 tried 800s, first one 1:32/3:06 with noticeable wheezing, after 1 mile/8min warmup. Albuterol and 6min of jogging, second one 1:29/3:01 with noticeably easier breathing. Had to get back to class, so could not try any more. At a guess:
- singulair did not seem to help, cf the last few day's troubles, and the first run today.
- albuterol does seem to help breathing quite a bit.
- fatigue/chest pains may be something unrelated ?

12/12 - present: chest pains continue, typically a long run will bring 12-24hours relief, other workouts just a couple of hours, otherwise constant. Up to a 5 or so on a scale of 10, variable.
Not aggravated by coughing or deep breathing or exertion, rather the reverse - felt mostly at rest. Sleep not noticeably disturbed, but usually painful just before sleep.
Albuterol does not affect the chest pains.

Jan 3 long run 1:40, seem to be going slow on the way out, 8:40-9m/mile ? Coming back, 8:20 or under. Not sure if I should be picking up the pace earlier, but defaulting to easy for the time being.
Felt good today, strong cold wind, big sky and clouds, running well.
Bursitis is now mildly painful for quite a long time into the run, but does not get crippling afterwards as it used to. Daily calf raises, 10 per leg, plus weightroom calf exercises, and icing before/after runs (not being very consistent with this).

Jan 10 gave blood, 11 long run OK, but shattered afterwards, suspect dehydrated too. Jan 12 could not finish master's swim, and weight up to 170. Hm.

Jan 17 still v. weary, also after a bit of x-country ski on Sun. On swim, Matt not there, 5x200, 4x50 stroke/back, 4x200 pull, dragged on the 200s and last one on 3min. 2:45 for first swim and pull.
Taking glucosamine for bursitis.

Jan 18 attempted 5x800 with albuterol, first 3:01, second DNF, third 1:29/1:38 for 3:07. Gave up. Similarly exhausted, breathing OK, maybe blood, or blood+not enough sleep ? Dunno. Very discouraging.

Jan 19 - doc didn't know how to do a treadmill test for EIA, oh well. Did not know what to do about chest pains, wanted to punt that back to Dr Post. Pointed out the pain was in the main bronchial tubes, and had started only after the Spiriva. OK now wants to do a CT scan, but I'm sure it won't show anything.
New prescription for inhaler, not just albuterol. Also started Singulair. Did not have significant chest pains Fri20th-Mon23rd, on Tues feeling some discomfort.
weight 167, 165 at waking.

Jan 26 long run yesterday, no pain after run, some mild pains today.

Jan 27 significant pains last night, today, moved to center of L pectoral area. Relieved by weight-training at lunchtime, for 18 hrs.

Jan 29 long ski at Snow Mtn, 2hr climb in ankle-deep powder, plus some skate floundering. skied myself to a standstill.
cough afterwards, no pains. Hit 180bpm a couple of times while skating.

Jan 30 mild pains.

Jan 31 even weight workouts drive me to unusual fatigue ?

Feb 1 similar with swim workout, dizzy/tunnel vision on 3rd/4th repeat of 200s (5x on 3:20 as  2:45, 2:50, 2:55, 3:00, 2:52).
Lots of anecdotal on singulair, mood changes, anger/irritability etc. No reputable documentation on it though.
Pains duller, deeper.

Feb 2 tried 800s, first one 1:32/3:06 with noticeable wheezing, after 1 mile/8min warmup. Albuterol and 6min of jogging, second one 1:29/3:01 with noticeably easier breathing. Had to get back to class, so could not try any more. At a guess:
- singulair did not seem to help, cf the last few day's fatigue, and the first run today.
- albuterol does seem to help breathing quite a bit.
- fatigue/chest pains may be something unrelated ?

Feb 6 bike 30min random level 10, ok. Seemed to be some chest pain/shortness afterwards. Otherwise been feeling quite a bit better since stopping singulair.

Feb 7 swim ok. chest pain during swim, first time I've had pains during exercise. ???
4x50 x2, drill/swim, kick/swim, build/swim, fast/swim
5x300 on 5:00, moderate, pull, swim/im/swim, pull, sprint last 25 of each 100
6x 125 on 1:45, 2x25 on :45

Feb 9 CT scan, have not heard.
Feb 11/12 considerable chest pain on Sat, not sure why. Seems a bit lower and more central than it was, also sharper.

Feb 13 5x800 on 5min using albuterol
3:01, 2:59, 3:00, 3:04, 3:02
OK, not feeling good, but no significant collapse at least. Albuterol made me shaky and wired.
General fatigue high.

Feb 17 weights yesterday, no pains for a couple of days preceding. Today chest tight and sore all day.

Feb 21 pains all through weekend, up at Snow Mtn with Maas family. Skied 1-2 hours each day, but did not give lasting relief.

Feb 22 cold sores on lower and upper lips, cough and cold. Bah.

Feb 23-28 bad flu, high fever, weak and sore. In bed for 3 days. 27th was feeling better, 28th fever again.

Feb 28 pneumonia diagnosed, on antibiotics and codeine/cough syrup. bloody hell.

Mar 6 still some congestion, chest pains for the last 3-4 days. Dunno. Pulse still high, 60+.

Mar 7 pulse high. tried swimming, did not make a 4:30 interval on the 300, gave up. chest painful the last couple of days.

Mar 8 weights, dizzy and lightheaded, occasional sharp chest pains

Mar 9 pulse almost normal again, but sore throat starting.

Mar 10 sore throat. Tried to run, dizzy/lightheaded by Broadway, chest pain. Walked/jogged it in. Coughing/spitting up green/brown mucus.

Mar 13 ct scan was normal. still sharp pains.

Mar 14 maybe pleurisy ? got anti-inflammatory drug, meloxicam. Unsatisfactory conversation with Dr Post re other doctors..

Mar 15 a little light weight work, pulse consistently 130-140, 2 hours later still 70 or so.
rhr is 60+, not coming down

Mar 17 bike ride easy to wall and back, passed by a fixte on the way down and later up the santa fe hill..
No chest pains while riding, but not strong.

Mar 21 swim, not too bad. Bagged it on the last 400 repeat. Some chest pains while not exercising.
Taking kefir and carrot juice and multivits and fish oil.. these eventually cleared up the chest pains, but they return when unusually fatigued.
Sore throat has persisted since Mar 10, very mild but still there.
HR was normal, but..

Mar 22 20min run on dreadmill, went OK, 5min at 9:00, 10min at 8:20, 2min 7:30, 2min 6:40. Throat sore and coughing all day previously. RHR back up to 60.

Mar 24 Thallium stress test for heart, did not get to pulmonary function.

Mar 25-27 at Breck with Evan Kim etc. skated 15k on easy trails sat, about 2hrs hard climbing/descent with Evan to the hut, completely knackered after that. Did not sleep much either night, second night awake from 1am. Shattered.
chest pains kicked in bigtime on Mon, sharper than before. tried yoga but did not eliminate pain, seemed to help some though.

Mar 28 swim, 4x250, 8x75 on 1:10 (build odds, fast evens, sub-1:00) 1500 theoretically, I bagged it at 1000, others were pulling but I was dragging.. actually not too bad, but getting late and wasn't enjoying it much, also scared of sickness. 14:45 to 1000, not bad.

Mar 29 bike, to wall only. Strong winds out, 8:49 to Santa Fe. Flatted on way back, 10:40 back from SF even with following winds ?? dunno. Felt hard.
chest pains bad in early morning before getting up.

Mar 30 medium run, 34:28, mediocre. achilles tender, some chest pain while running ?

Apr 2 24hour flu bug, Christopher threw up 20 times. Ian got it on Apr 3.

Apr 4 swim, 5x300 workout as noted above, went well, didn't fade. Sharpish chest pains all day, in swim and evening. Aspirin seemed to relieve the pain, still OK 24 hours later.

Apr 5 bike, 8:07 to SF, 21:44 to turn, low 45 in all, light winds. OK all things considered.

Apr 6 Christopher strep.

Apr 10 plyometrics, chest pain today after a painfree weekend. Run helped but not for long. Sore throat persists, tender lymph nodes in throat, off to doc again.

Apr 12 long run, 30:18 to turn, 21:40 !! back from top of hill. Not sure what is going on, maybe just unfit.
On clotrimazol troche for sore throat, yeast infection/thrush ?
Swim is OK, run is horrid.

Apr 14 ride on cervelo, how depressing. No faster than road bike with aerobars.. MUT was cluttered, so take off 20-30s, but even so.
8:07, 21:21, 33:38, 44:14
Felt OK, mild winds, but tired easily, not strong. Bike fairly comfy, no issues.
Sore throat is much improved, but still noticeable.

Apr 16 2:30 bike ride, home to Deer Creek turn to High Grade and back. Felt OK, legs a bit sore by the end, but not bad.
Dunno distance or speed.

Apr 17 bike on Cervelo, 42:58, as 7:43, 22:37 (strong headwinds) 33:37, fini. Winds helped. Legs a bit sore from yesterday.
Raised saddle 5mm from standard, felt better. New ramped front ring makes shifts perfect.
Dropped the chain !!! on the way up the last hill - but was in low gear, and tried to stand before shift accomplished. ?

Apr 20 run 50:50, 20:40 back from top of hill. Felt OK. Fastest since asthma began ?
Still have a mild sore throat. Meds helped, but now off them, waiting to see what happens. Give it until next week.

Apr 24 run from home, 15:33 to 1/2way & had to pause 5-10sec at a road crossing, 31:12 total. Also stopped for (planned 4, did 2) 800s on track, 3:03 and 3:02, but wheezing. It was about 30deg, maybe cold air ?

Apr 25 some chest pain in swim, otherwise OK. L calf pain from yesterday.

Apr 26 chest pain on inhale and exhale ?
OK after bike, 7:45, 20:39, 33:30, then 43:58 ?? legs sore again. I wonder if I've just gotten my position all wrong.
Chain jammed on front upshift this time ?? need to lift front der a mmm or so.

Apr 27-30 Gunnison river trip, one day packing and driving, 3 days river. Physical wreck, bruised, lacerated, ingrown toenail, exhausted from 6hr+ drive home through torrential rain, snow, and road blockages.

May 3 bike minimal winds 44:16 as 7:55, 20:32, 33:40, fin.
I'm getting slower. This happens every year..

May 4 to specialist doc for sore throat, he clearly didn't have any idea, prescribed methylprednisolone a corticosteroid, and antibiotic augmentin.
Run, 50:51, 30 flat to top of hill, 20:49 back. bah. bah.

May 8 throat still sore. Run with Combivent, 51:47, 32 to top, 19:47 back. OK better. Of course I don't know if it was the Combivent, the going out easy, or the weekend's break from formal training (though stiff and sore from a day's yardwork on Sun).
L calf sore.

May 10 bike with full aero config, 42:42 as ?, 20:45, 32:48, fin
Legs get really sore on this bike, not sure. Maybe need a fit.
Front shift is now erratic, bah. Raised front der a mm, now have full range of rear cog in high which is nice, but upshift missed once.

May 13 Barkin du, official timing 1:28:45, 19:52/46:29/21:22, but t2 as 7 sec is clearly wrong. Nearly 3 min faster than last year. Suspect run 2 was faster than that..
58/57/54 OA.. didn't do too well on the bike, compared to last year.
Beat 2 guys in 45-9 who beat me last year, but some others were about 2min faster than last year, so dunno. I would have said the course was slower, so maybe short ? dunno.
Went well, first mile in 5:58 then faded to 19:50 (but still a good sub-20), bike went back and forth with Randy and John Marsh, all of us in full aero fig. The dam wall was flat straight and painful staying aero, taint was sore.
Cramped in L calf near end of bike, confusing course not posted before the race, then cramping in both calves at beginning of the run. 1:07 at exit from T2, so 46-something on the bike I think, about 21 for second run. Ran with Randy for first halfmile, then he pulled away steadily. John close behind at the turnaround, hanging on but he didn't catch me.
Sunny Gilbert cheered and rang her bell for me as I ran past, chatted to her for a bit post-race before realizing who she was. She appears to be about 70% leg.. very attractive personality too. Sunny is right.
L calf very stiff for next few days.

May 15 week short everything due to being in class.. short bike, swim and run (Thur only, Wed lunch with H for bday).

May 18 run medium, moderate pace to turn, pick up, then 15min plyometrics in middle.
Seemed to work well, got a 19:35 equivalent 5k at Pueblo..

May 23 run to santa fe, plyometric on way back, fast back from Highline trail, 13:40.

May 31 usual run, 31 to top, 20:12 back, felt good.
Started bike commute.

June 1 c-470 trail closed to santa fe..
drove to mineral, 7min out, 9min back
13min of warmup/down getting to start of Chatfield road
2x20, to paystation on far side

June 2 sore throat persists.
plyometrics today.

June 5 sciatica, now in form of numbness and weakness in R leg. Not good.

June 6 tried for 4x10 on trainer, could only do 3.5x10.. not comfortable/powerful on the new bike it seems. Still averaged 24mph or better in last 2 races, must be working.

June 10 DAC race, see results. No taper to speak of - run to Santa Fe as May 23, 13:12 back, swim, trainer June 6, short course afap Thur. Maybe this accounts for the dead legs ? OK all tapers run as per May 18.
Only 23.8mph on bike..
4/2/4 on AG, 25/16/25 on OA  800m 22k 5k              
What a horrid run.. Didn't feel that slow, but klunky the whole way, never running strong.              
Sore legs on the swim ??? Then v. weak and sore legs beginning bike, stabilised after 5min or so. Run felt fine at start, but never got going.              
Swim was a thrash, wave start by speed, someone was glued to my legs the whole way.              
Bike with Nanci Goldsmith, traded lead several times. Bit of a draftfest coming back, a clump of 6-8 riders, passed them but they clung, had to  kick hard a couple of times to shake them. Passed John D right before T2.              
Started well as noted, then passed by first woman, then a bunch of guys including John. Thought they were all fast, but it was me that was slow.. Bah.              
Awards to first 2 only, I was annoyed.              
R leg sore, sciatica ? Not sore when running/biking, but at rest and sleeping.              

June 12 high grade ride + 5min, 1:15 + 5 out, 35 back. Felt good. Seem to recall taking 1:30 for the climb on other years ?

June 15 ANOTHER horrid run at Chatfield aquathlon, 25:15 out of water (but 10-15s of goggle footling after diving), then 21:40 !!!! min 5k. Exculpations: 100degrees, horrendous headwind on way out, June12 workout.. but still. It felt fast, but 21:40 !!!

June 16 usual, 33 to halfway, 34:30 to top of hill ??? slow, dead legs. 21 back, ok all things considered.

June 19 5x800 on 3min 2min rest, 2:52, 57, 58, 3:00, implosion on 5th, stopped at 500m.
Took albuterol, but felt wheezy on 4th, dead legs on 5th, tunnel vision, just like the asthma..
hot. No ideas left.. had 3 days rest in the legs, though mentally stressed (canoe trip on N Platte, water too difficult really).
Shattered the rest of the day.

June 20 blew up on swim, 5x200 and went 3min on first repeat, usually 2:40-45, 2:55s the rest until 2:50 on the last one, full effort. 4x50 stroke out free back, then 200s with paddles, 2:55 first, 3:10 second and gave up.
Chronic fatigue it seems..

June 21 commute, plus usual ride with construction in the middle,
8:05 out through construction and walk-a-bike, 20:12 to turn, 32:54 to SR, 43:31 back, including a bit of slow cross-country ride around construction. So, low 43 really.
Felt good, strong. ??

June 22 commute, ride to plyo dirt, plyo, ride back, run around work in 10:54 (which is a kind of PR for that run, though). Legs dead today.

June 24 long ride at Great Sand dunes, 6am on no sleep, about 42 miles in 2:10, felt OK but flagged a number of times. 20min run afterwards was very hard, deep sand and hills on the Medano creek road.
sciatica persists.

June 26 santa fe run as above, 13:52 back, legs dead, not unexpectedly.

June 27 swim in 1 lane up due to congestion in usual.
10x100 on 1:30, managed it but hard, low 1:20s only. descending 50s, 14 of them, held 40 or below, 35 on last two.

June 28 bike 8:15 around a semi on the road crossing, 22:07 headwinds also rondfok with watch took 15-20s, 33:35 and 44:07
call it 43:45 or so. same time as beginning of year with no training.. hm hm.
felt sluggish, sore

June 29 rest,
June 30 5min wu/d and 2x5min hard on trainer at work, then 11min fast run, felt strong but not quick.

July 2 4x800, 3, 3, 2:56, 2:59
did not feel good, battled on 4th.

July 3 2x5min on trainer and 5 min wu/d

July 4 swim 400 in 5:45, 5x100 last one 1:17, 5x50 on 35-40s

July 5 short run, quick back and plyo. Labored on run back, plyo felt OK.

July 6 and 7 nothing. legs sore ??

July 10 short run, 25min about
creaky after nationals, see separate report
sore throat back, seems to be sleep and fatigue-related

July 11 masters swim, lane crowded and behaving badly. Actual workout felt good.

July 12 bike 8:03, 22:19 (headwinds) 33:37, 43:48
felt OK, sciatica/piriformis bad in evening

July 14 run early 8am to avoid heat, exhausted. 53:40, 21:42 back from top, staggering in weakness and fatigue.

July 17 4x800 with walks in between, not jogging
2:55, 57, 56, 59
Felt fine, strong. No asthma meds, a little wheeziness but nothing bad. No predicting anything here.. skipped the 5th rep in theory tapering for Boulder, we'll see.

July 18 swim, exhausted, did not finish. 3x200, couldn't manage better than 3min, 4x50 as IM out, free back, 2x200 pull, battling to come in under 3:10 interval, quit.

July 19 bike to top of wall, with Zipp front to test speedo magnet. 7:42 SF, 13:54 top, 18:51 SF, 29:12 home. Lots of traffic. Felt OK.

July 20 again bad sleep, today weary and physically exhausted, headache sore throat and some chest pain.
short run, plyo, 10m back from plyo, felt good ?? I'll take it.

July 23 Boulder, 2:25 yet again, 6th AG. 130 OA. 157/173/153 in OA, 11/10/9 on AG.
Good swim, mediocre bike, horribly slow run in just under 44. Bah, bah. Sore all over on the run, felt reasonably good but just not running fast. ??? is it the sciatica/piriformis having some unsuspected effect ?
Guy S. passed me just out of T1, that was surprising. He did 11:23 at IMCda, 320 OA and only 36th in AG. Bike fallapart on Old stage as usual, passed by 5-6 guys in AG. Hammered rollers or thought I did, but oh well.
30min to top of hill, braked carefully for 35mph on the way down.
Spoke to Neal before swim. Led the swim for a while, then Kenny and George E-G came by, followed Neal for a bit but got lost at one buoy, came out of water ahead of Neal.
Saw John O., now divorced and slow, new blonde girlfriend.
Kylie did 2:22, same as Nationals.
I'm sure if I had slept in the last two weeks, I'd have felt better..

Running off the bike feels very easy, but something is wrong. Suspect saddle and/or height is impacting piriformis, perhaps causing general weakness which shows up on run. OK ride road bike until worlds and see if it helps.
Also try 5k TT next week to test running without the bike first, get a checkpoint.

week following, 2 days off, massage on day 2 seemed to relieve piriformis substantially, 3 easy days as per Dave Scott article on overreaching. Can but try.

July 26, short run easy, legs sore presumably from massage.

July 27, swim, 2x200 2:50 or so, 3x100 descend on 1:30 200 pull, x2 100s were 1:25 to 1:20, pull 2:50 too, 250 pull 250 swim 4x50 stroke/free.
Felt tired, times not bad, but weary. Legs still sore.

July 28, easy ride on road bike. Some hamstring/sciatic pain when riding, doesn't happen on tri bike. Also noticed some cramping in the hamstring just walking around..
ride doesn't seem to have aggravated the problem.

July 31 tried 5k TT, bagged it at 2 miles and 13:10 as it was clear what was going on..
dead legs, wheezy, battling hard. Prediction for high 20 or maybe even 21min.
OK, so it's real, I am running slow, not an artifact of the piriformis etc off the bike. Damn.
Bit baffled. Will go back to long slow runs, as per the July 17 workout the speed is there, just no endurance. ??
Was running well in 2004, I find 2 weeks of run-only in Germany in May, and 3 long rides (one of 5.5 hours with Ken, 2 of 3-4 hours locally) in June/July. What a surprise..
similar end-of-season collapse too, despite a week of run-only in Germany again.
In 2005 early also running well, sub-20 5k at Barkin for example. Commonality appears to be the long runs. Or weight training, or no biking, or more rest/less intensity..

Aug 1 Susan Williams doing swim, 4x200 as swim, pull, swim, kick. 10x100 as 4 on 1:40 descend, 4 IM on 1:50, 4 on 1:40 again. Then 300 descend by 75s, 4x75 hard on 1:30, 1 easy on 1:50, 3x etc. on down, then another 300.
100s were 1:20, 25, 23, 23, battling to keep it fast. Weary. 75s on 1:00, but long rests made that easy.
Saw Suzanne A. with kids.

Aug 2 1.5 hours bike, trying to go steady, and commute home.
Aug 3 2 hours bike, up half of Deer Creek, and back to work, commute home. Definitely feeling it in the legs. Piriformis is not bad, but not getting better either.

Aug 3 1:31 run, felt like a marathon. Sore and sluggish, could hardly keep going on last 20min, positive split. Quads and top of quads particularly sore.

Aug 7 1:28 run, still kinda slow, 8:45s coming back but felt like I was going fast. Still did 5:06 back from lights, fastest ever.

Aug 8 swim with Susan W. lots of short fast, 6x125 pull, 12x25 on 35, 6x100 on 1:35, 300

Aug 9 long bike, about 2hrs. Sluggish, didn't sleep well. Tried new bike with short aerobars, tested at Chatfield, they are faster than the drops: 2:03 vs 2:12, 2:05 vs 2:09.
Friction shifters work, but not well, too much twiddling. Piriformis somewhat bothered by this saddle ?

Aug 10, 2hr bike, poor sleep. Exhausted, could barely keep the pedals turning. Started up Deer Creek, but road v. bad, lots of traffic, grinding in 34 on the lower slopes. Gave up and turned around, retreated to Chatfield in disorder.

Aug 11 1:27 run, 9s going out, build coming back to low 8s, 5:22 from lights. Felt surprisingly good.
This is the biggest week of training in my life I think.. near 9 hours.

Aug 12/13, Sat up early for Ian's Boulder tri, tired the rest of the day.  Sun strange emotionally, violently depressed, horribly angry, etc. Hm.
Can't sleep without medication - get about 4hrs, then lie awake until morning.

Aug 14 usual run, 30:46 to top of hill, 19:59 back. Felt OK, bit of wheeziness on hills, but legs strong.

Aug 15 more short fast short-rest intervals from Susan.. also 400, 300, 200, 100 pull on a 1:30/100 interval. Kylie was there too.

Aug 16 usual TT, interrupted by roadwork at Chatfield and a slow boat (pulled behind a car), also front der grinding in all gears ??? (cranks were loose)
7:58, 21:36, 35:05, 45:32
so, OK, nothing special though. Maybe low 44s ? who knows. Felt reasonable.

Aug 17 too tired/depressed to run, tried, got to santa fe and gave up.

Aug 18 bike/run, felt ok on bike, run sluggardly 11:11 (but a kind of pr for post-bike on that route)

Aug 21 usual run, 30:30 to top, 20:50 back and 3:20 from lights. Oof. really plodding. Hiked a little yesterday, late night Sat (Broncos game with Ian) ? Oh well trust the taper and hope for the best.

Aug 22 swim, 300 wu, 6x125 25 kick build 100 on 2:15, sprint pyramid 25, 50, 75, 100, 75, 50, 25 on 35s/25, then 200 easy, then same pyramid again with paddles.
Checked rattlesnake results, would have had an easy 2nd place in either race. bah. behind Neil in sprint 1:10, John D in Oly 2:14. Kylie did 2:16:30 in the Oly.

Aug 23 up and down Monarch at 6:15am, traffic bad. 51min, climbed everything in 34x17 at worst, felt OK. 10min run afterwards.

Aug 24 off, 25 wu on trainer, 2x10min on 50x16 hard, run around work 11:17. Felt ok. Went to sleep at 11 last night, up at 7, didn't sleep well, v tired today.

Aug 27 5k race, 20:21 dang. 6:16, 12:36, but then 19:36 (?? really slowed)
Not bad, but same as always in these days, felt stiff and slow, couldn't get moving, a bit wheezy. Forgot the inhaler.

Aug 28-Sep1 nothing, travelling to Lausanne. A short swim on Fri just to get in the water and dive off an ITU swim start..
for diving, clamp biceps around goggles/ears, then goggles don't come off/leak.

Sep 2 awful horrible race at worlds. Great experience, lousy race.. I was about 5min slower than usual and 7-8min slower than I'd hoped to go. Bah.
Still trying to figure it out. One of 3 things:

1. I'm too old for this nonsense
2. got piriformis and consequently sciatica problems from the new bike, causes weakness/pain/numbness in R leg, doesn't hurt when riding or running but it may be having a slowing effect
3. overtrained ? had the plods on all my runs since before nationals, but see 2.

swim as usual, bike very weak compared to nats ag results, but normal compared to kylie and nanci ? Maybe just had a good bike at nats, reverted to form at worlds.                  
run terrible, r quad cramping, couldn't move, felt like a marathon, nearly walked a couple of times. Bah. Bah.  44min, slowest 10k in competition ever (while healthy).                  
OA results too painful to transfer from PDF, but 556/898 finishers, about 1000 starters                  
48/56/51 and 577/597/512                   
Guess the full-rest taper doesn't work, at least off the low volumes I'm doing now.
maybe needed also the plyo ?
In review, clearly overtrained, all the symptoms are there. The problem is that I haven't slept well in eight years. Plus, I've been fatigued since 1989. If I didn't train tired, I'd never train. Obviously had difficulties distinguishing my usual sleep problems and fatigue from the exceptional overtrained state.

Sep 7 R leg v weak and sore today, all around upper leg, quads and hams, pain in calf too.

Sep 12 pain continues, milder. No workouts, walking 45min each day.

Sep 15 still have leg pain/numbness. Tried short route, went out too fast 3:09 to lights !! and spent the rest of the run trying to recover, wheezy and wholly blown by the end. 24:58.
legs felt OK, moving quite well, but breathless. that's unlike all the slow races.
The leg pain is alleviated by hard runs.

Sep 18 took albuterol and did short again, 3:19 to lights, 25:06 altogether, no wheezing but otherwise similar, same extreme near-blackout fatigue, utterly weak on the last section.

Sep 19 swim, wound up with 6x200 but I couldn't keep up on the easy 3min ones, bagged it.

Sep 21 swim easy, but felt strained.

Sep 22 chest pains, coughing. Hm. Sleeping very badly this week, even with drugs haven't been able to sleep more than 3 hours at a stretch.

Sep 30 short run 26:30 moderate effort.

Oct 2 chest pains continue, some coughing.

Oct 3 tried to swim, shattered again, not making intervals and bagged it.

Oct 5 yoga easy session still had shortness of breath and considerable chest pain. Getting a little worried now. Taking codliver, carrot juice, kefir and multivits, no effects yet.

Oct 8 really bad chest pains constant in last week. medium run easy in 41min (usual 36, best 31) helped immensely, minimal pain for next 3 days.

Oct 11 chest pains back, coughing.

Oct 12 medium run, walked most of the way back. No breathing issue noticeable, just general fatigue. R leg after walking was stiff and sore, like a clamp around the leg just below the shorts.
Chest pains relieved.

Oct 15 run from home, about 36min, 1.5 hours yoga. Run OK.

Oct 16 short run, easy without watch, felt OK.

Oct 17 swim, drills, so not hard.

Oct 18, 19, lunching. chest pains back.

Oct 23 sore throat since the 19th evening. V similar to the progression in spring ? chest pains, then permanently sore throat at top of throat, feels swollen back there, though no tender/swollen neck glands yet.
Sore from Mar10 to Jun2, some relief until race in July, sore off and on since then, but very mild, mostly at night. Now quite noticeably sore all day.
medium run, again about 38-40min, did not feel easy.

Oct 24 took 3 valerian, slept finally at about 12pm, woke up 3:30, 2 more valerian, didn't sleep again, got up 5:30 and went to pay bills
swam feeling fine ???? who knows.

Oct 27 short run ploddingly

Oct 29 1.5hr yoga, exhausted, could not keep up with easy session. valerian didn't help to sleep either.

Oct 30 medium run 38, very feeble, strained in the same way - headache, sore eyes, clamp around the temples level

Oct 31 swim couldn't make intervals, weak and tired. Fatigue as for yesterdays run. Tylenol PM last night.

get pneumococcal vaccine before next winter.