training 2007

NO PLYOMETRICS without 4-6 weeks of prep, either weights or calf raises..
Need a 3-week taper at least from big week, probably 4 for Oly.

attempt quantifying effort by time x RPE summed over a week, gives 1350-odd for an average build week, 1740 for first week of hard training. 2920 for big week in build to worlds last year, hmm more than double average week. 2840 in 3rd week preceding Nationals. 2480 planned for the 3rd week before Kansas 2007.

Cervelo needs: try new saddle, cannot get comfortable on arione. Note-  seem to be really far forward ? drink straw under chin, pains in shoulder/arms from having to choke up on bars. Dunno why I didn't notice this in Kansas ?


May 10 Barkin Dog

Jan-Feb 2x run, 50 min easy with plyo, usual run and as fast as is comfortable for last half
2x weights, trying to rehab shoulder

Mar-Apr alternate run week as above with 1x long run with plyo, 1:30-1:40. In Apr replace 50min easy with Lydiard hill circuit.
bike trainer on evenings or weekends, 1 hr as 5min intervals spin/big gear, then 10min intervals.


run: it's not possible to train too slow, it's always possible to get in trouble by training too fast. For your daily running, always finish feeling that you could have done more - Lydiard.

1. Try the FIRST program - long run includes plyo; tempo run as part of a brick; speedwork either the track work at 5k pace, or usual run fast back from top of hill at Lydiard guidelines, or Lydiard hill circuit.  
2. Try increasing frequency, run 5 times weekly even if only 15mins
Include usual long run at moderate intensity, latterly.

For plyo: single-leg skipping, to 10min/leg..
swim cords ?


treatment plan for shoulder
it's possible the weights are aggravating the tendinitis, so skip anything that hurts. Military press certainly.
x-ray showed clear, no calcification or bone spur
suspect excessive flexibility - L shoulder is far more flexible than R. Been sleeping on L shoulder a lot, with arm wrapped across body, may have disturbed something.
Try for swim cords, rotator cuff exercises and icing regularly, weights as possible, maybe try swim back/breast/fly and kicking, possibly paddles with careful recovery


Dec 28-30 high fever chills shakes weakness etc.
Dec 31-Jan 2 very sore throat and mild weakness.
ongoing.. not strep according to quick test

Jan 4 x-c ski, 2hrs skate, 1:30 classic. Gentleman's hours, 12:30 to 4:30, and none of this unseemly huffing and puffing on the uphills. Still have sore throat and congestion.

Jan 5 weights, 14 and 25. Otherwise felt weak and dizzy.. circuit, plus seated row weights and bent-over flys. Held a plank for 1 whole minute.. try at start of session next time.
Shoulder stretches each night, at least in theory.

Jan 7 50min with plyo, OK, 5:11 back from lights.
FEV1 ? seem to have lost my meter ?
tested late night, 590, hm.

Jan 8 weights, 14 and 25, not feeling strong. Plank for 1:20 at start.
shoulder almost pain-free in session for once.
FEV1 620 before, 610 after.

Jan 11 usual, 22:35 back. Tried to go fast but heart, mind, lungs and legs weren't in it.
Massively depressed in re job, new job, entire life..
FEV1 640, 630  AQI 42.

Jan 14 usual, 22:05 back. Wheezy and tired running 8:30 miles, inordinately tired afterwards. stomach/gas pains, l calf twinging.
beautiful day though. shoulder twinging after run.
Have a sore in the nose with spiky painful scab, still some nose congestion and coughing.
last decent run was Nov 30, fell apart entirely since then.
FEV1 610, 640 AQI 56

Jan 15 weights, 13.5 and 26. Only 45sec on plank ?? generally exhausted. Shoulder twinging, think it was the bent-over rows with 35lb mostly. circuit minus military press and hamstring curls and pec fly, plus seated row on weight machine (as well as in circuit), bent-over flys with 20lb (couldn't manage 22.5 today), bent-over rows with 35lb. Then mat work, yoga knee-to-chest, twist, quadruped, push-up into side plank.

Jan 16, ran inside due to ice and 15 degrees outside. On indoor track, 10min at about 6:50 pace, plyo, 5 min at 7:30 pace.
Treadmill at 0.5 incline, 15 min at 8:00, 3 at 7:00, 2 at 8, done. Felt OK.
FEV1 610, 630.

Jan 17, weights, 14.5 and 26, 1:20 plank. Did not feel like puking and dying which is an improvement.

Jan 18 to 26 nothing, in SA with Dad.

Jan 27 run from home, 34:30, walked on hill

Jan 28 30min on bike trainer, 5min high cadence, 5 min grind

Jan 29 rode bike to rec center, weights, 14 and 25. Plank for 1 min.

Jan 31 weights, 14.25 and 19. Plank for 1 min. Still sore from last weights, and shoulder twinging a bit.
FEV1 610, 630

Feb 1 50min plyo, OK, 5:12 back from lights. L calf sore from yesterday.
FEV1 640, 630.

Feb 4 50 min plyo, OK, 5:20 back. Bitter cold, light snow. calf OK but shoulder sore all day.

Feb 5 weights, 15, 25, 1min plank.
PT Mandie recommended ditching the bentover flys etc until the inflammation is fully subsided. likes the quadruped exercise for stabilising shoulder as well. Use frozen dixie cup ice and rub directly on tendon, 5-6 min only until numbness.
Lower trapezius is malfunctioning on L.

Feb 6 usual run, hard even on the 'easy' part, had nothing to come back with, abandoned the effort and jogged it in.

Feb 7 100 breaststroke 200 kick with short fins 100 bs. OK. Front rotator cuff on L twinge ?
weights, added bicep curls, dropped bent-over dumbells and dips. 14.5

Feb 11 usual, 21:54 back, in mud and slop. OK this isn't working.. laboring hard to run slow. Leave watch off and reverse route, run base pace. L calf tight.

Feb 12 L calf still sore. Weights, 14, 1 min plank. Shoulder painful after workout.
OK maybe drop all weights until pain subsides ? not getting anywhere.. replace with swim bs and kick.

Feb 13 50 min plyo, 5:05 from lights. Used HRM which provoked slower-than-usual return. 136 avg. Plyo took HR to about 160. 168 on 'fast back' stage, very close to max even though breathing was not noticeably hard. ?
Legs sore from weights, L calf sore from Monday.

Until April: week with plyo and usual as mentioned on Feb 11, with HRM for honesty, alternate with long run week.

Feb 14 weights, no pullup or dip. 1 min plank. Nothing that goes above or behind shoulder, and dropped rows as well, attempt to stop shoulder pain. 100 bs 200 fins 100bs. OK.
15 reps, bicep curls 2 sets standing, pause 30sec. Resting elbow on inner thigh, same again.
Bent-over, take the weight with your elbow bent, and push it back from your hip to behind you, with your elbow now fully extended.
11 tricep extensions, each arm 2 sets, pause 30
15 push-ups with US Swimming extensions, 2 sets, only made 10 on second set.
abs with twist on plank; leg extensions (quadriceps); leg curls (hamstrings); and triceps pushdowns. squats (gluteus maximus, hips, and quadriceps); (do this on machine) calf raises;
floor exercises: plank held alap; back stretch, knee to chest and side flops; plank with pike and drop, leg lift or kick to side; quadruped; dead bug time permitting.

Feb 17 x-country ski, about 2 hours total with 40min hard skating. On Grand Mesa, and snowmobile trails to Ela's cabin.

Feb 20 usual in reverse with HRM, walked 6 times but just a few steps, about 58min.
Shoulder sore.

Feb 21 from home, 17:15 out, 34:30 by design not going flatout. Felt fine.

Feb 22 weights as above, managed 12 pushup in second set with extensions.

Feb 25 short run in about 28min, determinedly not going hard. Should have been a long run week, but no time with class going on.

Feb 26 weights, 150 breaststroke. Shoulder sore, something upset it.

Feb 27 medium run with plyo. Wonderful day, cool air warm sun. OK, not going hard. shoulder sore at moments.

Feb 28 medium run. shoulder sore.

Feb 29 20min run supposed to be easy, but was not. Achilles/heel/calf in both legs are tight and sore after all these runs.
200 breaststroke in 3:37
5x100 on 1:50, 1:18, 21,22,21,23. Felt OK, some twinging, and very conscious of the L arm recovery. Did not get worse in workout. R arm felt overloaded.

Mar 4 50min plyo. HR avg 144. 5:02 back from lights, 168 again on this stretch. Hm.

Mandie PT says there should have been more progress on the shoulder by now, may need to consult ortho. Give it another two weeks..

Mar 5 weights, 150 bs, 5x100 on 1:50 swim, some pain in first 2. Key is to relax arm entirely on the recovery and let the shoulder pull it through, good roll. R arm again felt swollen and sore.
very slow tired and weak today in all exercises, swim was 1:23,24,23,26,26.

Mar 6 medium run reversed
Tested lung function at HRCA, courtesy National Jewish. Capacity is 117% of predicted, FEV1 is as predicted. Apparently the FEV1 should be congruent with the capacity, nurse said this was a concern..

Mar 7 usual run reversed. Heels/achilles persistently painful, continues after rest too.

Mar 11 45min run in Germany, v stiff and sore achilles. After that, very slow.. cold windy.

Mar 12 50min run. same as yesterday.

Mar 13 40min, didn't sleep and missed alarm. Run same as before, only worse and with hamstring cramps (?)
Shoulder sore since Mon, dunno why.

Mar 14 70min along the Mosel, assorted pains. The last 20min down from Reil to the next town and back, clear open road, felt better than I have in years. Raced a small green tractor on the way back but got beat.

Mar 15 35min along Mosel. heels/achilles loosened up quite quickly, but the legs were unwilling.

Mar 18 weights with no legs except calf raises, 200 bs 3:50 then 6x100 on 1:50, 1:20, 20, 25, 29, 25, 30 oh dear, 200 bs in 3:50. Pains on 2 and 5, relieved by careful attention to style as per Mar 5 notes.
sore throat and coughing.
shoulder very sore in afternoon.

Mar 19 gentleman's pace pootle along splatte trail by bike, howling winds. About 45 min of doddling along.
sore throat and cough persist.
Two ibuprofen last night, shoulder fine today. Hm.

Mar 20 bike as yesterday, bum and legs sore. Cold getting worse, congestion etc as well as the other joys.

Mar 21 cold bad, nothing but a 30min stroll library and back. Shoulder sore again. R achilles remains sore from German running, icing.

Mar 24 chest bad over the weekend, Sat tight and sore felt very weak, coughing hard. Sun ached all over from coughing.
Today bike as before, even so may have gone too fast. Shoulder sore.

Mar 25 still generating phlegm slime at an alarming rate. Doddle along bike path, with expectorations.

Mar 26 felt OK today, but still sounding like a pack-a-day man.

Mar 27 swim, 200 bs 6x100 on 1:50, 1:20, 23,23,24,22,22 200 bs in 1:52, 100 easy
pain-free in swim, shoulder hurt in the evening.

Mar 28 run 50min and plyo, felt good. 5:01 back, had to ease off as breathing was pegged.
sporadic shoulder pains.

Mar 31 Lydiard-type hills, 11min out, 6xhills bound up, fast turnover down. About 2min per cycle, so hill not quite long enough, but oh well. Felt OK, though both heels very sore at start.

Apr 1 swim 200 bs 3:30, 7x100 in 20,22,23,24,25,22,23 200 bs in 3:49
OK, bit of pain later.

Apr 2 first hard bike, tried to ride old route but they're building condos on it.
8:39 to Santa Fe, probably 8:15 or so without flappy jacket and construction, 14 out, 15 back from usual turn, 7 min to lights on new route. Tailwind out head back, but not very strong. So, about 47-8 min for usual route, and new route is 4-5 min faster on each leg than old.  
Sore legs, hard, slow. Should be about 12-13min SF to turn, same back, depends on winds really. So, slow..
Incipient cramps in calves. Last week fishing in cold water, had bad cramps in L calf twice.

Apr 3 run from home, 36, dragging through the snow/rain mix. Morning runs are very hard, legs just don't want to go.

Apr 4 bike new route, 37:48 3:31 to Santa Fe, 14 flat out, 13:25 back, 6:50 to lights. Seemed to be headwinds both ways..
Legs v. sore.
Shoulder sore after yesterday's little bit of canoeing ?

Apr 7 longer with plyo, 1:02 total. Plyo was hard, sluggish on run, 5:07 back.

Apr 8 bike. 16:17 out with tailwinds, 22 back. 3:21, 12:56, 14:44, 7:18.
Felt hard, legs sore, tired afterwards.

Apr 9 swim, 200 bs 3:40, 8x100 in 18,22,23,24,22,22,23,24 200 bs 3:55
Felt OK. Spasmodically sore shoulder.

Apr 10 lawyer meeting in the morning, tried for a basement bike at night, just too tired, gave up.

Apr 11 lydiard hills, 7 repeats, certainly sore..

 35" x 18" x 20"
 43" x 20" x 20"

swim workout from Chuckie V
25 sprint/25 easy x 3
50 sprint/50 easy x 2
75 sprint/75 easy x 1
Three times through = 1,500.