The initial set of challenge sentences is a by-product of an analysis of several thousand sentences in an Introductory Biology textbook conducted by Project Halo.  This list consists of “KR-hard” sentences that could not be easily represented with current techniques and covers a broad range of current issues: representing processes, causality, uncertainty, defaults, qualitative statements, negation, etc.  

Participants should select a subset of these sentences from the following five chapters of  the textbook Campbell & Reece 6th Edition:

  • Chapter 7 - A Tour of the Cell
  • Chapter 12 - The Cell Cycle
  • Chapter 13 - Meiosis and Sexual Life cycle
  • Chapter 16 - The Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  • Chapter 17 - From Gene to Protein
We have chosen five chapters from the textbook to provide an initial scoping, but the participants can also choose sentences from any chapter of the textbook.

The participants are also free to propose sentences that are similar in spirit to the ones considered here with the constraint that the sentences
should be inspired by a practical need of some project that the participants are involved with.

Since the representation needed is closely tied to the reasoning supported by it, we are also providing a list of Questions for each chapter. The list of questions, is obviously, incomplete, and the participants are free to propose a new set of questions that a reasonable formal representation of that sentence should be able to answer.