Using Bidder

A raiders guide to Bidder. 


Using Bidder as a raider is extremely easy. Everything that you need is accessible from the Fubar menu, or can be accessed by clicking on one of the Bidder windows.


 To use Bidder you only need the Bidder addon, and possibly the DKP system module-addon being used by your guild. By default, Bidder contains the DKP system module for just the "Fixed DKP" DKP system. However, as of the time of Bidders release there are also DKP system modules for "fixed-cost zero-sum" (Bidder_FCZS) and "zero-sum auction" (Bidder_ZSumAuction).

Browsing DKP Standings

 There are two ways to find out how many DKP you have. The first is through the "query points" (the "/bid query" console command, or the "query points" Fubar item) function; this function will print a message to your chatlog telling you how many points you have. It works by querying the raid leaders, so if it doesn't work right away wait about 30 seconds and try again.

 The second is through the DKP standings browser.

You can access this browser either through the "/bid showdkp" console command, or via the "Show DKP" Fubar menu item.

 If you right-click anywhere on this window you will be presented with a menu that will allow you to choose your sort order for the players presented in this list, and you will be able to select which classes you want to view the DKP standings of. 

Bidding on Loot

 When items are put up by the loot master for bidding on you will be presented with a bidding window, like so:

 This window presents all of the items that are available for distribution. How you interact with this window depends on the DKP system being used, but it will always take the form of either left or right clicking on the item that you're interested in. For example, in the "Fixed DKP" and "Fixed cost zero-sum" systems, you left click on an item to toggle whether or not you are bidding (ie: expressing interest) in the item. In the case of the "zero-sum auction" DKP system, you are presented with a text box in which you can enter your bid when you left click on an item.

 When bidding is closed, this window will automatically close itself.

Setting your Bidname

 You only need concern yourself with this option if your raid leaders have asked you to come on a specific character in exchange for spending and acquiring points on your main. If this happens, you can select your main from the "Set your bidding name" menu item in the Fubar menu and all points you gain and spend will be gained and spent from the character you select rather than the character that you're on.

Going on Raid Standby

Bidder has the ability to tell your raid leaders that you are on standby for the raid. In some guilds this functionality is also used to award standby points during a raid. To enable raid standby mode, simply ensure that the "Raid standby" option in the Bidder menu has a checkmark on it; furthermore, if you are on an alt then make sure to set your Bidname to your main character as described above.