DKPmon & Bidder

An addon pair for managing raid DKP and item distribution in World of Warcraft. 

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Note: All downloads are technically "developer" versions, though they're generally very stable. If something doesn't work, please email me or make a post in the discussion thread. 



Note: All raid members (officer and non) need to download this.



Note: Only your raid officers should be downloading DKPmon. 

DKP System Modules

You may also need one of these DKP system modules. Your raid officers will tell you which. 

Fixed cost, zero-sum



Zero-sum Auction



Percent DKP



DKPmon Import/Export Modules




Developer Docs

DKPmon Design Doc

DKPmon XML Grammar


If your guild ends up using DKPmon/Bidder, fire me off an email at to let me know. I'm rather curious to see how many people end up using it.

Important note:

 I am no longer actively supporting DKPmon and Bidder. If, by some miracle, they continue to work in the WotLK expansion, then great. If not, then I won't be fixing them.

 The folks over at have picked up maintenance of DKPmon and Bidder. Their version can be found at


 DKPmon and Bidder are a pair of addons for World of Warcraft that act in concert to provide full in-game DKP management and item distribution for raids. DKPmon is an addon used by the raid officers to maintain the in-game DKP database, and has functions for loot distribution, and point adjustment (spending/awarding). Bidder, on the other hand, is used by all raid members to express interest ("place bids") on items being handed out, and browse DKP standings. There are a few central philosophies guiding the development of DKPmon/Bidder:

  • Alt-tabbing is evil and should be avoided whenever possible;
  • DKP management should be as painless as possible; 
  • Loot distribution should be as fast as possible so as to allow faster raids. 

  The current features of DKPmon & Bidder are:

  • Substantial streamlining of the loot distribution process by accepting bids automagically from players via Bidder, and selecting of the winner through a drop-down menu;
  • GUIs for loot distribution, bid placement, point awarding, log viewing, and DKP standings browsing;
  • Completely modular, and object-oriented, DKP system framework (you can write a module for your own custom DKP system, and plug it right in to use); 
  • Point awarding to members in the raid, in your guild and on standby, and/or in your database;
  • Support for as many point pools as you would like;
  • Ability to synchronize your points database with other raid officers;
  • Ability for a player to accrue, and spend, points under the name of one of their other characters -- in the event of being asked to bring an alt to help the raid;
  • Event logging;
  • eqDKP support;
  • Support for fixed item cost, fixed boss point award DKP system;
  • A module for a fixed item cost, zero-sum DKP system;
  • A module for a zero-sum bidwar DKP system; 
  • DKP import/export via CSV;
  • Fubar integration;
  • Localization.


 DKPmon is the addon used by the raid leaders and/or officers of the guild to manage the DKP database, distribute loot, and log all DKP and looting activity.

 Please note: This release of DKPmon is not compatible with versions less than 2.0.0. If you are currently using a version lower than 2.0.0 please back up your SavedVariables file before trying this addon out; when v2.0.0 loads it will blow away your old database. 

Using DKPmon


 Bidder, on the other hand, is used by everyone in the raid/guild to express interest ("placing a bid") in items that are dropped in the various raid instances. The design of the DKPmon/Bidder addons is such that everyone in the raid should be running Bidder. However, just in case a player is unable to get Bidder installed in time for a raid (or maybe they're a pickup), the loot master can still award points to non-Bidder users and can manually place bids on other player's behalf.

 It is highly recommended that everyone in the raid be running Bidder. Otherwise, loot distribution will be slowed down.

 It is also recommended that you delete your SavedVariables file for Bidder prior to upgrading to this version from version less than 2.0.0. The SavedVariables file can be found at:


 Using Bidder

CSV Import/Export

 DKPmon supports both import and export of your points database through a CSV (comma separated values) format via the DKPmon_CSV plugin addon. This is a very simple format that is supported by most spreadsheet programs. See the comments in the file DKPmon_CSV\importdata.lua for more information on the format.

eqDKP Import/Export

 DKPmon supports both import and export of your points database to/from your eqDKP setup. This is done using the DKPmon_eqDKP and DKPmon_XML plugin addons.

 For information on how to set up the PHP plugin for your eqDKP install to export information from your eqDKP setup into DKPmon, please see the PHP directory of the DKPmon_eqDKP addon.

  Export from DKPmon into eqDKP can be done using one of two different methods.

1) CT_RaidTracker xml -- Simply install the CT_RaidTracker php modules into your eqDKP install, and use the CT_RaidTracker-xml export option of DKPmon_XML.

2) DKPmon-xml -- The eqDKP php modules for this format are still under development by Dahn of Silvermoon, but when complete this will be another option. See the developer docs on the left side of this page for documentation on the format.

 Unlike CT_RaidTracker xml, the DKPmon xml format includes all point awards and deductions as part of its format; saving you having to do any manual data entry during the import.