Welcome to Marrow for Tomorrow: DKMS @ NYU

Marrow for Tomorrow is the only Bone Marrow Donor Registration Club at New York University!

We are a group of NYU Students who work with DKMS Americas, the US branch of the largest bone marrow donor center in the world, to register young people throughout New York City to become potential bone marrow donors. We hope to increase the amount of people on the National Registry so that blood-disease patients all over the world have a better chance at survival.

It all started in the Spring Semester of 2008, when Chere See ('11) began the group with some friends at The Residential College at Goddard. The group was a great way to simultaneously engage in community service and get involved with NYU. We now hold drives throughout NYU and in conjunction with various NYU clubs and residence halls.

Anybody and everybody is welcome to join us! Volunteers may earn community service hours as well.

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To date, we have registered well over 200 students and raised over $1,500!

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Photo Credit: Benjamin Cohen