List of suggested tools: 3/32" Allen Wrench, 5/64" Allen Wrench, standard 11/32” and 1/4” Wrench, Needle Nose PliersTable top viseHacksawTin SnipFlat File , Hammer ,Philips 1 point screw driver, Metal shear , Safety GlassesMultimeter , Storage Containers 
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Allen Wrenches – (Recommendation: purchase at least 8 of each size for each team . It is amazing how many end up in the container above the washing machine at people's homes, also they usually can be purchased locally and save shipping)

3/32" Allen Wrench
Used for 8-32 screws

5/64" Allen Wrench
Used for 6-32 motor screws, set screws in collars, and standoff connectors

Wrenches - many teams stock wrenches other than the standard VEX combination wrench, these may include ratchet socket wrenches, or even cordless power socket wrenches but the standard 11/32” and 1/4”

Needle Nose Pliers – (optional) very helpful to reach into tight areas

Table top vise – Very helpful to hold metal pieces while cutting them. A C-clamp will also work

Hacksaw - Necessary to cut angle stock and drive shafts

Tin Snip Necessary to cut flat stock

Flat File Necessary to file sharp edges

Hammer Necessary to straighten metal pieces and tap in drive shafts .

Philips 1 point screw driver Needed to loosen the screw to the battery compartment of VEXnet Joystick  and screws on 393 motors to add IEM of change gear ratios.

Metal shear This is a fairly expensive tool, but it is well worth the investment

Safety Glasses Safety glasses need to be worn at competitions and anytime materials are being cut.

Multimeter A multimeter can be used to measure many aspects of electricity, but for VEX robotics it is very good for checking the voltage of a battery and the conductivity of a motor wire extension. For anyone interested in a very high-end multimeter, please see Tektronics Multimeters

Storage Containers It is advantageous to have storage containers to keep separate the many small parts with the VEX robotics system. (smaller size<thanks for the links BH>

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Jan 1, 2015, 7:07 AM