Running a Competition

There are many advantages to running your own VEX Robotics Competition. The registration fees for the event are a source of revenue for your organization (fees range from free to $500 for the VEX Championship, most are $35-$75/team attending). Many times, other teams running events will allow your teams to attend their competition for free in exchange for free admittance to your event. There is also an opportunity for additional revenue from the concession sales. If an institution is interested is holding an event, they will need to find an interested group within their organization that would be able to help put on the event. This could be their robotics team, engineering club, or other interested group.

The requirements are:

  • Venue - There needs to be available space to set up a 12' by 12' playing field, room for spectators, and 1 or 2 computers set up with a projection system and screen or a large monitor - preferably there would be 2 units, one to display the current match information and one to display the current ranking of the teams. One computer system should have a printer to print off match schedules. There should also be adequate parking for the teams and spectators.
  • Pits - There needs to be space available for teams to work on their robots. This is usually 1/2 of an 8' table per robot team. Each team should have at least 2 electrical outlets available, 1 for charging batteries and one for a laptop.
  • Playing Fields- there are 3 parts of the playing field, the field perimeter and field tile kit, field elements and playing pieces, and the field control system. Field tips from Mark Couture.
  • Food - If there is no food available at the venue, a group should be available to sell concessions for possibly breakfast and certainly lunch at the event
  • Referees - each playing field should have at least 2 to 3 referees. NH-STEM has a few people who are referees and they are available for New Hampshire events. We welcome any post high-school graduates who would be interested in becoming one of our available referees. Guides and other referee info
  • Inspection - This is often completed by the referees before matches start. Teams need to complete inspection before they are allowed to compete. A table, computer, and tape measure (or robot sizing tool) need to be provided for this purpose. Guides and other inspection materials
  • Software inspection - the software/firmware for the robots needs to be inspected. Guides for software/firmware inspection
  • Judges - depending on the number of awards the event plans on giving, there needs to be 4-12 people available to judge the teams during the event. At minimum there should be 4 judges to determine the Engineering Excellent Award at events with 24 teams or more teams. Judges guide and award information
  • Awards - The more awards the better. The event partner kit should provide 7 VEX trophies 4 - 12" & 3 10" and a number of plaques to decide which awards will go with the trophies. Addition trophies can be ordered here . If funds are an issue, a simple framed certificate makes a nice award.
  • Master of Ceremonies - This should be a dynamic person who can provide play by play description during the matches, make public announcements, and call teams up for matches.
  • Queuing - There should be 2 or more people who are available to go to pit area to tell teams when to report for their matches.
  • Field reset - There should be 2 or more people at each field available to reset the field to playing condition after each match. Competition field setup and other documents
  • Sound system/music- There needs to be a sound system available at the event for the master of ceremonies and it adds to the event if music is also available. (small detail - a copy of the National Anthem for the opening ceremonies is a nice touch)
  • Programs - It is helpful to have a program for the public. A sample program .DOC file can be found below
  • Field management software - The field management software takes care of setting up matches, controlling the field, keeping scores, and displaying ranking. There needs to be at least 1 person responsible for the data entry into the system throughout the event. Field Management software available here . There should be a computer, projector/screen or large monitor for the field display and a similar setup for the pit display (these computers will be networked together). There should also be a printer available to print off match lists.
  • Contacting Teams -It is good practice to email the team contacts before your event and provide an information sheet to them about your event. Contacts can be found by the person who has an account on by logging in and going to the event tab, click on the edit link for the event, and then on the registration report link. A sample information sheet is attached as a .pdf file below . In the email to the contacts, request that they provide a mobile phone number, so if a team is not present after check-in there is a number to call for more information on their situation.
  • Creating an event on the partner admin site. In order to create an event contact your , Regional Support Manager,Robotics Education and Competition Foundation,  They will be able to setup an admin account that will allow you to log on to . Once you log on there will be a number of fields you will need to fill in. It may be helpful to have this information ready before you log in. Some of these fields are: Partner Payment Name, Partner Payment address, Event Name, Venue name & address, Release date, Registration open date, Registration deadline, Event start date, Event end date, Price in USD, Price for additional teams, Capacity, will the event have a Robot Skills competition, will the event have a Programming skills competition, will the robots be using VEXnet, Crystals, or both, Description of the event, Hotels, Agenda. Be sure to check with Mr. Couture to see how many teams are needed to be registered for the event before a coupon code will be created to order a complimentary Event Partner Kit through the Event Partner portal link at Note accounts need to be upgraded by VEX Robotics to Event Partner status before a user has access to the portal link.
  • Award entry- After the event, the results with award will need to be uploaded from the Tournament Manager software. Be sure to check with your regional director before the event to confirm which awards qualify teams for other events. 

VEX Forum Gateway Q&A

Event partner Scoring Software Download & software User Guide 
VEX Event Partner Documents this link brings you to the page with all the competition Links
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