Robotics Science Principles

There are many scientific concepts involved with robotics, from physics to chemistry. The concepts which will be focused on in this section will be:

  • Electricity - This is the main energy source for your robot. For more information, Click <here>
  • Torque - This main principle used when things move on your robot. For more information, Click <here>
  • Center of gravity - Want your robot design to have traction or not fall over? For more information, Click <here>
  • Mechanical advantage - Want more speed for your robot, want more lifting torque, it is mechanical advantage you are looking for!! For more information, Click <here>
  • Gear Ratios - How do those gears and sprockets work? For more information, Click <here>
  • Angular Momentum - so your wheel is spinning, how much momentum does it have? For More Information Click <here>
  • Trajectory - when shooting an object, how does it's horizontal velocity and  gravity interact? For more Information click <here>
  • Bernoulli's Principle - When a ball is spinning how does the airflow effect it? For more Information click <here>